The Truth About Your Weight Gain

The first baby is always a bit of an experiment, isn’t it? I’m always weighing choices between health, economics and practicality on what to feed and supplement my baby with. It’s quite tough when there’s so many *makcik* out there trying to tell you this and that. By *makcik* I mean INFORMATION! LOL So to all the makciks’ that have been filling me in with well-meaning advice – a big thank you yeah. šŸ™‚
That besides, you’ll also come across a couple of random articles on healthy-eating that sort of jolt you up a bit on what’s great for your child and YOU.
Click and read the following article. I bet you’ll think twice about eating at McDonalds and feeding your children junkfood!
The Truth About Your Weight Gain
What really striked me is the yogurt tip. I’ve been giving little Aisyah Yo-Plait yogurt, especially the mix berries type. I find it so delicious I also curi curi makan whenever I feed her, which is on daily basis by the way!

So after reading the article I became wary of the content and figured out what ambitious ways to make yogurt for my baby. šŸ™‚ If my mom learned about my paranoia she’d probably laughed and tell me I had managed JUST fine with all the junk she fed me! So here’s to another *makcik* in the making!


Any comment on this?

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