Dinosaur’s Alive in National Science Centre, KL

I finally managed to persuade Mr Hubby to bring us to the Dino’s Alive expo – which is just 10 mins drive from home! Mr Hubby was reluctant to go at first because he feels that it’s another lame money-making effort (if you’re a Malaysian you’d know the quality of expos here!) but I talked him into bringing little Aisyah for *exposure-of-mind* rap. Yeap. 🙂

To be honest I’ve never been to our National Science Centre. I’ve passed here a zggllion times and gazed at the magnificent colour changes of its dome at night. It has been my favourite building in KL, next to KLCC twin towers of course!

Ok, sidetrack! Back to the Dino Expo, I was mesmerized by the under water walk-thru aquarium at the entrance.

rasa macam Jurassic Park pulak!

Albeit the short fish-gazing experience, it made a good impression on me of what to come next. Mr Hubby did notice that the tank was quite filthy and some of the fish were in poor condition. Ahemmm, maintenance people!

Little Aisyah was also struck by the fish. We came there at around 10.30 am so there were not much people then. Oh, by the way, admission is RM10 per adult and RM5 for kids. Of course Aisyah goes in free! he he

my little T-Rex!

the real T-Rex!

We were greeted by two giants – T-Rex and Aposauntaurus at about 16 feet height! Then there were two sections of exhibition – the herbivor dinos and carnivor dinos. Well, in short the carnivor side is more gruesome and fun!

what's inside that dinosaur's mouth Mommy?

I don’t know much about dinosaurs except from some memory flash from Jurassic Park the movies, so it’s good this exhibition allow me to brush up on my saurus-knowledge! And Aisyah being the delightful little munchkin she is, didn’t cry one bit at all the roaring gruesome sounds of dinos tearing each other up. At one point she did look scared and reached for my arm. After a while I think she sensed that it was all fake. I just hope the images won’t give her nightmares tonight though… err…

If you have kids below 7, this whole thing would look cool for them. Otherwise, save your tenner and buy yourself a good lunch! However I’d sincerely applaud this effort by the Science Centre to drive parents and kids away from littering the shopping malls on a public holiday! 🙂


One thought on “Dinosaur’s Alive in National Science Centre, KL

  1. Thanks for sharing. I must say the fees are accessible to most and it is a great effort to create more educational activities (which is seriously lacking) for kids and parents.

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