Happy New Year!

We had a fancy lunch today to celebrate the end of the year. Well, it was Mr Hubby’s idea, to kickstart 2011 on a good vibe. I chose lunch because I hate congested roads in the evening competing with people who wants to celebrate the New Year’s eve at all major restaurants and *watering holes* downtown.

pre- new year lunch

My daughter asked me; what’s my new year’s resolution? I replied; “to be better”. She rolled her eyes and told me that it was so generic. The thing is, if I say it out loud it won’t materialised! LOL
Well of course I want to be better than everything else that I was last year. Especially in the time management department. That’s so descriptive. Now let’s narrow it down to objectives that are easily met, shall we?
1. to be punctual
2. to cook more
3. tidy up right after whatever I do
4. shut one eye over Mr Hubby’s forgetfulness!
5. to listen well
6. not procrastinate
7. read more books – make it an aim to read 2 in a month!
8. sew my own tops and dresses
9. spend more time to develop my baby
10. reduce spending. Find alternative cheaper stuff.

What’s your new year resolution?


2 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. finally you are back on the blogsphere!!!
    where is the resolution about updating blog???
    hope this is not the last hahaha
    happy new year to you and your family.

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