33 and loving it.

December is definitely my favourite month because for one; dates my birthday, two; my wedding anniversary and three; I’m absolutely paid for 7-week-leave all during December! Coincidentally, my dad’s birthday also fall a day before mine so it’s a double celebration in the family. Well, I used to hate that my birthday would fall on a school holiday and I can’t get my friends to wish me or share my cake at school when I was small, but I made the best of the month as I get older by grouping all the good events of my life herein.
Cool eh? *wink

This year, I’m super blessed that they are all gathered at my house. I made sure everyone put on something red, just to add fun to the reunion. It almost felt like I was back at my parents’ home when I was single, but I have my baby Aisyah and Mr Hubby with me. My father and I shared blowing the candles on the cake.

Looking around, I have all the love in the world. I couldn’t ask for more. God, just make me more grateful each day. Amen.

Aisyah wants a piece of mommy's cake too!


2 thoughts on “33 and loving it.

  1. Happy Sweet 33, Aniq!

    I’m glad you have resumed posting. I did check in a couple of weeks back but I only saw the ‘MiA’ posting. Welcome back!

    Aisyah is so comel! You are looking great and slim.

    • awwwhhh..who won’t beam at anyone saying her baby so comel! he he.. thanks! And welcome again. I’m priviliged to have your time here … he he
      Yes, Ive been monitoring my weight loss, not strictly though but I’m happy to report a YAY! So its good to be able to fit back into my old clothes -notwithstanding the tough bumps around the waist la. Tu memang degil punya! 🙂

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