a sewing sensation

The thing is, it never crossed my mind to try out sewing. Yes, I can hem and stitch few things like torn undies, sleeves, buttons, etc – but to literally create a dress or baju kurung is something I never care to learn, until my dear friend Fely posted photos of her children’s dresses and pants she’s been making from scratch. What’s amazing is Fely is self-taught – and I believe anyone who goes through something as quite complicated as sewing (or anything handycraft for that matter) and able to come through with successful creations is ONE AMAZING PERSON! Do check out her blog and you’ll be impressed as I am. πŸ™‚

When I told my mom I’d like to learn how to sew, she got ecstatic about it. My mom literally clothed me with her sewn items as I grow up – I can’t remember buying my school uniform! After her 4th child, she suffered from carpal tunnel syndrom on her fingers, which left her feeling stiff and numb whenever she’s at a job that requires a lot of hand work. She never managed to sew anything henceforth, so she was glad I wanted to pick up the skill she once mastered. It was that novelty of being able to produce something beautiful for your children that I desire – thus I purchased this last week:

My new sewing machine - Brother NV30

Yeah, the machine is pretty fancy but the sales rep at LSN has great after sales service and inform me this machine will carry me far in sewing. What’s funny is, I have no idea how to use it! Thank God, the sales rep took me through an almost 2 hour guide on how to use my machine. I regret those days when I wasn’t bothered to observe my mom sewing. It wasn’t something interesting compared to cooking I guess, because it demands too much patience! Now that I want to start, I feel kind of embarassed to ask from her. Solution? I took a sewing class instead! (boo hoo me!)
I’ve looked for a decent sewing course for beginner but there’s few and far within my reach – plus many couldn’t meet my free time slot. However, I was lucky to meet Kak Asiah – a single mother and housewife who offers sewing classes on Friday afternoon for just RM60! I’ve only been to 2 classes so far and I can vouch that she knows her stuff. Although I could only learn a few Malay traditional clothes from her I guess what’s important is the teacher is flexible and able to withstand a complete novice like me. I hope I can extend my sewing skills later to make baju for the whole family (wishful thinking!) πŸ™‚ I could always DIY and buy patterns online but first – let me learn how to sew straight! I also got these books to read in between:

great book on how to use a sewing machine for clueless beginners like me!

recommended by Fely, and totally useful for new moms with sewing addiction!

To date, I haven’t made anything yet. Been only studying patterns and manuals. I’ve also gone quite nuts about fabric and been searching online for gorgeous kids’ prints. Well, can’t wait to start my project.. when I’ve come up with something decent I’ll post it, ok? Stay tune…


9 thoughts on “a sewing sensation

  1. kakyong, i did make my own baju kurung before. but now, takde masaaaa…how did u make ur time? ps: sewing best! after this, when u master sewing, try knitting plak, or buat patchwork…

    haha..i cakap lebih buat malas. i checked ur friend’s blog..cool stuff. i berangan nak buat if i have babies…tapiiii…entahlah…all the best with sewing, and have fun! πŸ˜‰

  2. fatin: wow..u did? That’s great fatin – I’m totally supportive of women who can sew..(is there such organisation??) Yeah, I understood on time factor – kalau ikut masa memang semput la nak achieve everything but I think if you’re really passionate abt something, there’ll be means and ways. πŸ™‚ My mom in law pun supportive – she asks me to learn embroidery pulak after sewing so I can make nice kebaya for my girls. Lagi semangat la nak belajar right? Thanks for your comment dear.

  3. gosh,
    you have so much free time in your hands ah??
    no books to mark? no gotong royong to attend??
    salute lah…..
    and exam is only around the corner.
    i will stay tune to see some cute baby clothes

  4. not really la, I’m totally swamped – just handled 2 weeks of debate training, a week of MSSD tennis tournament, on top of headcount and aset audit at school! yeah….if I had to list everything I’d probably pass out myself but this is a great distraction. πŸ™‚ Makes me happy everytime I look at my sewing machine! he he

  5. hahaha… you have caught Fely’s bug! Yeah! You can now join our club! hehe…quickly make something and show us! It’s about self satisfaction when we make things! Don’t worry about how good it will or will not look! haha…. have fun!

  6. Bea and Peng Peng : yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh! πŸ™‚
    Cikedidoo: thanks for dropping by – yes I had similar dilemma when I wanted to buy my sewing machine but it all depends on how much you have and how frequent you sew. Plus, your skills also come into factor – because you may want to consider embroidery if you are good at sewing. Pls call LSN ( click on the site underlined in my blog) and they will provide some consultation on the matter. Good luck Cikecidoo – I’m glad you gave comment and will update my sewing progress accordingly. πŸ™‚

  7. Aiya!!! I’ve just seen this post!! Itu lah, kemaruk sangat nak jahit-menjahit!! Well done Aniq. Even though you haven’t made anything, at least you’ve started with learning how to use your machine. It took me endless hours on youtube learning how to sew the simplest thing like a hem!! Your skills will eventually grow from there and then you’ll get hooked! I dont think i can be unhooked now….I’ve just completed a patchwork quilt and that is the mother of all sewing projects!
    Keep on sewing hun!!!

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