the day I became MOM

Yes, I know I’ve neglected my blog for quite some time but really, time was unforgiving enough to allow me to drop a note. I have lots to share in the upcoming posts so hold on to ya horses yeah? LOL
Meanwhile, since today is Mother’s Day, I feel happy to share some of the precious photos of the day I was officially a mother. These were taken by Mr Hubby while in the surgery room when I had my caesarean delivery. While Aisyah is still too small to know what Mother’s Day meant to mothers all around, I look forward to celebrating mother’s day in future with my baby – knowing that 25th October 2009 was the day she made me feel complete. 🙂

all smiles and calm while being operated!

yes, I saw what he was doing to me. Digging deep into my gut to bring out Aisyah.

Mr Hubby was surprised actually at how calm I looked that morning- but deep inside God knows how surreal everything feels. The whole night before, I couldn’t sleep, praying hard everything goes smooth. When they wheeled me into the surgery, I had a small Yassin in my right palm, and a piece of date fruit in my left, both to which I clutched dearly with all my life while the doctors were operating on me. I kept reminding my husband to swipe some of the date into Aisyah’s lips as my Prophet’s sunnah, and to recite the azan to her ears. We distracted ourselves from the whole ordeal by talking to each other while the doctors took some time to take out my baby. When I first heard her cry as she gasped her first oxygen – I was in tears! My baby, my baby! I could never erase that minute from my mind. Ever.

Welcome aboard Aisyah Nur!

my baby getting a good clean up from the womb.

first time I met Aisyah - counting all fingers and toes. 🙂

literally my other half - soulmates forever!

Now that I’m a mother and realized all the sacrifice I need to endure – I feel so appreciative of my own Mom. To my Mama, I love you so much. Although Mother’s Day should be celebrated everyday, it’s great they make it momentous today so everyone could take some time to appreciate the moment this special person brings you out into this world.
Happy Mother’s Day to all you brave souls out there!


4 thoughts on “the day I became MOM

  1. My God Aniq! You could smile during the whole process..Kudos to your husband for braving the entire session.

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