feeding baby solid for first time

Now that Aisyah is almost 6 months, she’s ready to be fed solid. I did some research on the subject (well, first-time mommy always get nervous when comes to first-thing-whatever with baby, right?) and it dawned on me whatever commercial-boxed or jarred baby food fully enriched with all sorts of vitamins out there does not do justice to baby as compared with home made food. (thanks to Kak S for enlightening me!) Not that I totally shun from it – I guess when the ‘rajin’ part of me wears out I probably resort to this for travelling convinience etc. As a kickstart, I begin to list what I can do to start my baby’s feeding routine.
1. Book on baby food
I was looking for Super Baby Food by Ruth Yaron since it was dubbed as number one book on baby food guide but it wasn’t available at my local bookstore. I settled on this and was quite happy with it:

recipe guide

It’s not that expensive and was published by Singaporean so the content is pretty relevant to our food scene.
2. Food processor
Since I wanted to make a lot of vege and fruit puree, I also require a dual function steamer/blender processor and was checking out these:

Having these would definitely make life easier right? I could use my old blender but then I’ve been processing all the chillies and onions in it so you can imagine my pureed baby food would come out smelling of garlic! Euuuwww…

3. Bibs and feeding apparatus.
That goes without saying. I stopped by at some baby shops the other day and was appalled at how expensive simple feeding apparatus can cost. Really, baby stuff should not be overrated! Still I haven’t got any and will do some shopping this weekend.

Now that Mommy is ready, I’m afraid baby pulak tak ready! They say if your baby has started to sit up straight and seems to be interested in what you eat that indicates a readiness for solid food feeding. Well, Aisyah is quite content with my breastmilk and formula for now. Remember when I used to fret over my lack of milk? It’s still as little as 2 ounce everytime I try to pump but when I nursed her she looks full and fall asleep happily. I feel quite blessed that I can still feed her after work as normal and she’s not missing out on the nutrients. Plus I get to bond with her – that feels like an exclusive bonding time because NOBODY can give that to her.. he he… speaking of bonding, I noticed baby Aisyah gets terribly excited whenever Mr Hubby appears to the point I feel a tinge of envy. I found out it’s normal for girls to get excited and affectionate over daddy more than Mommy. Hence I’m grateful of the fact that my breastfeeding moment with baby is very exclusive and noone can take that moment away from us. That motivates me to continue nursing her as long as I could. πŸ™‚
I miss her every single minute at work. Check her out!

sempat pose tu!

laughing so loud now!


6 thoughts on “feeding baby solid for first time

  1. baby aisyah is so cute πŸ™‚

    i haven’t any experience with baby stuff but from watching my brother and sister in law with their three children when they were going through various stages… i know the best tip is to go with the flow and sometimes things do happen naturally πŸ™‚

    good luck babes.

  2. Peng Peng: Its harder being mom nowadays because there’s an influx of info on parenting and children’s health. It does taxed the parent knowing the more you learn the more you want to do but you are right to an extent that going-with-the flow is also best. I take in advice from every direction – it’s great knowing people care about me being a better mom everyday. So thanks honey! Appreciate.:)

    Sebrina: it felt like the most beautiful sound when she laughs – they say baby’s laughter break into fairies. It does feel that way. πŸ™‚

  3. i saw this stall at the curve that sells organic home made baby food. but i didn’t stop or have a look on the product la…

    oh, and the father daughter bonding… hmm my sis experience that with her 8 year old daughter now. Daddy’s daughter i supposed.

  4. kak Jo: oh yes, I linked it up in this post – saw the stall at the Curve but since not in need now so didnt bother to stop too. But maybe in future – thanks for sharing yeah. I guess its like that with daughters – vice versa with boys. πŸ™‚ Maybe I should try get a boy pulak next time *wink

    Mrs Noba: hi there, long time no see… LOL thanks dear. How are you?

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