all night long with Lionel Richie

It’s been a while since I’ve been on a date with Mr Hubby – well, I mean, of course we spend time together but mostly running errands and going about with baby so when he learned that Lionel Richie is going to perform at the 2010 F1 Gala, it was a window of opportunity for him to spend some lovey-dovey night out with yours truly! he he…
I was pretty excited to see Lionel live because I could almost sing all his songs by heart (don’t we all??) We got the tickets a week earlier and last night, both of us had a good time grooving along to All Night Long and all his love ballads. He’s very good with the crowd, even to the brave point of teasing our Agong! Everyone was in good spirit and the concert was just awesome. Heck, by the end of the night all the Makciks and Pakciks were giving him a standing ovation! It was truly a night when a lady feels like a lady…(make it 3 times yeah!) Thanks Hubbybee! 🙂


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