homemade games for my baby

One of my favourite past time nowadays is to browse through children books and learning tools for babies. I guess it’s the same for most moms, especially when it’s your firstborn and you wish to stimulate their cognitive ability at an early age. While there are many books at every shape and price, my main concern is always the context and element my baby is in. No point going through books imported from Europe and US when very few of the items featured accessible in our daily context right? Well at least not at the stage where they aren’t able to link properly yet. This definitely prompts me to make my own learning games for my baby. Maybe the end product is not as fancy as commercially available products but I believe it serves similar purpose, plus when it’s home made, it’s made with love! 

To begin with, I got some coloured papers in basic colours, a manila card and lots of A4 papers. My baby watched in excitement at the rolls of coloured papers while I cut and paste. 

Then I laminate the finished product so that baby can still drool over it!

I also made 3 versions of the same colour and place it at different arrangement for each page to teach baby to focus on certain colour.

Look at how deep in focus Aisyah was! LOL 

At least I’ve managed to engage her attention. That’s first and foremost in any learning experience. While I’m away at work, my helper can play with her using these too.
This week I started with colours.  It’s good to start with 3 basic colours first as to not confuse her. 

Next I will proceed with shapes. I hope my baby will enjoy my home made games. Now on to next project! 🙂  


3 thoughts on “homemade games for my baby

  1. ha ha.. thanks Bea! It took me 2 hours to complete plus laminating and it costs me less than 10 Ringgit! Imagine the marvels I can create if only I know how. And being a teacher – I did know! LOL
    I think my effort paid off when I saw how intense baby Aisyah was looking at the bright colours and plus when you make your own you aren’t confined to size and price. So it was well worth it. 🙂 Hey, just like your crochet works eh? *wink

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