why Penang?

When my father was still in the army, I’ve never had a sense of belonging anywhere because we move places so often I actually look forward to new friends and schools! Now that my parents are retired, they live in Kuala Lumpur and again, anytime festive season KL has become my hometown. My inlaws are also in KL now which is great but come holidays, we’re kind of lost for options to go balik kampung. However, Mr Hubby was born and bred in Penang and has strong attachment to his alma mater. Although we have no immediate relatives there, most of our vacation takes place around Georgetown, Gurney Drive and Batu Feringgi! 🙂

Here we are again, this time with baby Aisyah in tow. I got her some wetsuit so she can play in bigger pool instead of her bath tub. How fun!

I'm going schwimming, Yay!

She was intimidated at first, her first time in such a large body of water! But after a while she was smiling and paddling along as if wanting to keep afloat. Most of the time she stared at the other kids splish-splashing around, probably wondering that there are more tiny people here than anywhere else (you can imagine she’s surrounded by us adults mostly). It was good fun, seeing her getting used to swimming pool and all. I guess there will be more of this to come! 🙂

and finally, back to Mommy!

I really enjoyed Penang. Although I wasn’t born here, it felt like home everytime. What with the greatest nasi kandar to entice me at 7 am, I don’t mind the 4 hour drive from KL. I’m sure with our frequent homecoming, my baby would share the same attachment.
To all my teacher friends, happy holidays!


3 thoughts on “why Penang?

  1. Oh how lovely!!! Get her used to water from very early age Aniq, I can vouch for this. Nia who’s 2 1/2 can swim 1/2 the width of an olympic pool, on her own without me holding on to her. That to me sounds pretty impressive don’t you think. You little girl is looking more and more like you, bless her. She’s so adorable! Kiss her from Garthy and Nia ok. XXX

  2. he he…Nia sounds and looks exactly like Felicia I used to know 10 years back! LOL I remembered how independent her mom is, and now combined with Nick’s genes I’m sure she’s on her way to being supergirl! 🙂 Wow, she’s a real fish in water eh? Lovely!
    Oh yeah, I think having girls sort of making a mini us – indirectly I mean, yeah, so I’m not surprised if Aisyah turns out mini Aniq too..by the way, I love layout of your blog now…and so gempak too, got guests! LOL *clap* well done..so proud of you. 🙂

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