good make up set around RM100

Having a teenage daughter while you’re young has its perks; you’ll always have someone to share make up tips with! It’s best to set the right concept of make up with your girls – keep it simple and affordable! Most people didn’t begin with the right guide to make up earlier (me included!) which ends with the notion that more expensive brand is better, a shame really because you could get a good make up kit for around RM100! To test it out, I went shopping for make up with my daughter at Guardian. For basic everyday make up what you really need in that pouch are as follows:

1) 2 way cake foundation/powder
2) dark brown eyeliner
3) mascara
4) blusher
5) lip gloss

Seriously, unless you have acne all over, most ladies can just get away with these 5 items. Now let’s see whether we can get all that within our budget!
First, the foundation or if you have no skin problem, a decent pressed powder gives enough coverage. I’ve introduced Fatin to SilkyGirl 2 way cake foundation since she starts college 2 years ago. It suits her skin and she loves the size and price!

Plus it has SPF 25 so it’s adequate during an active day out. The shade Natural is perfect for her skintone, oil free and lasts a long time.

Next, an eyeliner is the quintessential make up tool. You can use it to line the eyes and even shape lips. You can smudge it lightly for a smokey eye look and shade in sparse eyebrows. I like pencil because it’s the easiest to use around the eye if you have shaky fingers. Fatin chosed the Silky Girl eyeliner which is retractable and doesn’t need sharpening. Price? RM16.90

There’s a saying that you can’t go out of the house without mascara. The right one will bring attention to your eyes (instead of your chest!), and open windows to opportunities! *wink

For best mascara at decent price my vote goes to Maybelline. They have an extensive variety of mascara but I like the new MAGNUM Volume Express. Fatin was put off by the shocking-yellow tube at first but I told her, never judge a thing by it’s cover. The mascara curls up nice, gives a lot of volume and actually adds length to my girl’s eyelashes, giving a barbie-doll effect. The wax is a bit thick but serves the purpose. Make sure you’ll wash with eye make up remover! Price? RM29.90

Most people don’t realize the power of blusher and skipped it. It gives a pop of colour to your cheeks and actually defines it, making you looked more made up. I was looking for one with a good brush but most offers thin if not small to fit in otherwise cheap compact case. For the best blusher I would’ve pick up Loreal Delice range but it was quite steep at RM38.90. So the best alternative is SilkyGirl 2 tone cheek colour.

2 tone blusher with separate compartment for brush

a wide brush makes it easier to apply and spread across cheeks!

This one has a good volume of brush and the fact that it is separated from the colour in a dual compartment makes it a hygenic choice. Plus, for RM25.90 there’s a lot of colour.

Last but not least, we need some lipstick. I could’ve scrimped and bought the cheapest to keep within budget but I can’t resist Loreal 6H Glamshine lip gloss. It lasts as long as a lipstick but with added shine. Lip gloss alway brighten your lips and makes you look fresh and young. That’s the whole point of wearing make up right?

a little sticky but shine lasts even after lunch!

Β It’s not that pricey, at RM33.90, a lipstick and gloss combo is worth the splurge but I’ve already tipped over the allocated RM100.
Total for the basic 5 items? RM126.90.

Now how can you achieve a decent make over look with the purchases?Β 

before make up

simple and sweet! πŸ™‚

After foundation, I used the eye pencil for the brows and lined Fatin’s eyes all over then smudge it lightly to give a smokey effect. After that I applied two coats of mascara in zigzag motion, dab and dash some blusher and apply lipgloss. Voila! make up in 10 minutes (yes, I timed it because I want to teach Fatin how to apply make up FASTER! )

So there you go. A simple make up guide for simple girls! πŸ™‚


5 thoughts on “good make up set around RM100

  1. Peng peng : I agree to a certain extent but if you know the right techniques to enhance your existing features – you’ll be amazed at the results! It’s good to invest in a make up class, then only you go hunt for make up. The most important aspect is the eyes. πŸ™‚
    Escape: I often go out without mascara too because it’s a real mess to get rid off. The ones yang senang nak basuh pulak doesnt have enough wax to give long full eyelash effect! So I can understand why you prefer to go without. If you can line your eyes well you can definitely pass the mascara. πŸ™‚

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