my 3-month-old baby

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25th of every month marks another milestone of my baby Aisyah Nur. No doubt she has not reached a year hence nothing to celebrate for yet but as a new mommy I’m bawled over the fact I’ve delivered this small human and continue to be in awe over every little squeak she makes. Today I brought her to my pediatrician for the routine immunisation injection plus rotavirus vaccination. Luckily my paed offers a number of vaccines, and one of that is the pneumococcal vaccine which is a good shield against pneumonia, meningitis and blood stream infection. Aisyah will go through that next month. While I’m happy that I’m able to provide her with a lot of protection, I bet every discerning parent goes through a mix of emotions whenever their infant gets jabbed. The screaming of pain, and the fever aftermath sends many parents home with concern – am I doing the right thing? Is it okay to have all these vaccines in their system? However, when you read news of children hospitalised and dying due to weak immune system comforts me that I’m doing my best to keep Aisyah healthy. 🙂

Dr Yong feeding Aisyah the rotavirus vaccine.

a surprising smile before the jab

a real daddy's girl! MrHubs managed to comfort her.

So there goes my monthly routine. Now have to tend to baby’s after effect of injections – fever. Oh yeah, another sleepless night! Can’t remember of a good one though eversince she arrived on earth but I’m not complaining. Too happy to see her well – that’s every mother’s wish isn’t it?


6 thoughts on “my 3-month-old baby

  1. Yeah just one dose of Panadol does the trick. Ryan never cried much getting his jabs when he was a baby cos got many layers of protection. It’s the recent ones now that he’s big enough to associate needles with pain. I took him for the pneumococcal vaccine a few months back and it was a big drama! Aisyah looks so sweet. Not going to cut her hair then?

  2. Hello and thanks Peng Peng! yeah Aisyah had fever for a night then she was okay – that tip on panadol syrup helps! thanks MTT and Ashley. When we have her cukur jambul and aqiqah ceremony later maybe she’ll have a haircut but we did the 7th-day-of birth haircut Muslim ritual already, just a trim. So that’s it – hubby wants her hair long so Sebrina, you got nothing to worry! 🙂

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