my baby time

It’s been a while since I update my posts, all due to baby time. Aisyah has literally conquered my life being – and I’m enjoying every last bit with her till I start work end of February. I have more or less a month of leave, and I’m establishing a certain routine with babycare so that I won’t be too flustered juggling all my obligations once work starts. Seriously, I’m still worried about how my helper handles baby when I’m away later and actually wish I could take longer break. But I need to readjust daily grind to normal – work and motherhood combined. Alhamdulillah my baby is healthy, eventhough she’s formula-fed from 6 am to 5 pm. True enough, my milk supply is dwindling but I nursed her nonetheless and hope to continue as long as I could. I feel quite bad about it at first, not having been able to express much and supplementing with infant formula but taking things too hard on yourself just because others managed to breastfeed well and you can’t, is not a prerequisite to great parenting anyway. Feedback from family and friends, even books on baby are great help, but my best teacher is still Aisyah. Instinctively, she tells me what’s right for her. So far she’s been able to grin widely and coo at whatever I say, and she gets excited when Mr Hubby comes home. She knows she’s in for more play time! he he..

Recently, I was trying to train Aisyah to sleep in babycot and having a bit of difficulty because since birth she’s been sleeping with us and probably addicted to our body warmth. But after 3 days I succeeded! Well, of course with sleepless nights added. 🙂

The best fun I had everyday while with Aisyah is when I bathe her – she’s a real water baby and enjoyed rinsing in her tub. I’ll sing to her different songs each time she bathe and think she looks forward to being soaped and wet! Look at her below:

Guess mommyhood is really getting on to me. Teaches me a lot of patience, perseverence and most of all, how to love unconditionally. I think that’s why it hurts most when your own kids don’t reciprocate with love once they’ve grown right?


4 thoughts on “my baby time

  1. subhanallah!!! she is soooooooooo adorable.
    have fun are going to miss these moments. soon she’ll be splashing you with water instead. heheheh…mama pulak yg habis basah.

  2. MTT: I will start working end of February. It’s been a huge dilemma actually – even hubby wasn’t too happy knowing I’ll start work too soon coz he insists I take leave till June at least, but on a personal note, I have my reasons.

    Oh yeah, Aisyah’s hair is always the talk of strangers approaching – maybe she’s baby Einstein in the making?? he he

    Mrs Noba: hi dear, i thought i’ve lost you completely since your blog privy. Thanks..I love being mommy. Oh yeah now that u mention would get ready with waterproof pants next time.. ha ha..
    If you dont mind, would love to be included in your exclusive reader list. My Googlemail is (blogspot only takes Gmail right)

  3. She’s too cute for words! Don’t worry about the breastfeeding. Hubby whisked me off to Melbourne the minute confinement over, and me being a newbie mom didn’t know I had to pump the milk out in order to let it continue production. Ryan only had a scant 1 month of breast milk but he seems OK despite it 😛

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