formula-milk tasting

the formula I've tested

Some parents striked lucky the first time they tried any formula milk with their baby but my Aisyah is a bit fussy. Now that she’s over 2 months old I figured it’s ok to establish some routine alternating formula and breastmilk with my baby. I’m not weaning her off my milk but I’m not great with the pumps and it actually hurts using it (hey, I tried!), so before I start working in February, I’d like to get her used to some formula milk. I would still feed her after I come home from work though, as long as I could.

So, for the past 3 weeks I tried establishing some routine and it ended with my baby spitting out the formula I try to feed her. I tried to give each brand a week to find one that suits her best – Similac Advance managed to last for a couple of weeks then she starts spitting it out recently and wailed desperately for my breasts! Then an idea came to mind, why don’t I try tasting some of the formula on my own? If I find it horrid how can I feed it to my baby right? So I bought another brand – Mamex Gold this morning and mixed each one for tasting session. I sat down with 3 different cups, each about 3 oz and begin to taste them one by one.
Results? Out of the three above, Enfalac tasted most bitter. Similac has a slight bitter taste with distinct smell bordering nausea, and Mamex win in taste department. It was quite palatable, and I could finish it compared to the other two. Is it because Mamex is the most pricey among all? I don’t know, but I straight away fed my baby Mamex Gold and she seems to take it well. I won’t nail it just yet, let’s see how baby react in terms of passing motion and stool. Just hope this one ends my search for now or I would have to assess more formula milk just to get it right. 🙂


5 thoughts on “formula-milk tasting

  1. yeah i think it’s quite a whacky idea to try out the milk but i was curious to know whats going on in my baby’s mind u know coz she’s not too happy with the milk. Now I know…i think all moms should get a taste of what they feed to baby! Yeah, i hope this post helps! 🙂

  2. I postd dis on FB via ur sis LOL

    She shld try diffr pumpslah.. I know women who nursed and went back to work for 2yrs. they had to try diffr pumps and one had to take out a certain part, hence the pain.. she will lose her milk supply if she doesnt feed often..

    aniqah, dont give up nursing 🙂 Cheaper lagi hahahaha

  3. I was very lucky. Ryan was contented with his Enfalac A+ for 18 months before he started throwing up. Then I changed a few brands including Mamil but he puked as well. Now he’s on Dugrow. He’s ok with it but I wonder if I should give him more ‘premium’ milk. My doctor friend said it’s all the same and just marketing but a bit kiasu here 😛

  4. Lia: nice of you to drop by, thanks for the feedback. Yes, I’ll checkout other pumps but they’re blarrdy expensive! LOL but will try. I did notice milk supply down – baby keep feeding throughout night but maybe my body just adjusting to the changes in feed time. I have friends who managed to feed after work in the evening and milk supply is just fine so hopefully mine is similar.

    Ashley: now i’m on Novolac which is only available thru my doctor and Aisyah seems content (she still get breastfed in the evening though) Maybe novolac is premium? Coz I cant find it anywhere else and have to order from my GP. Ask your paed or GP abt it if you want to try. But if Ryan is happy with his milk, why the trouble going thru all that puking again right? Anyway, mothers know best. 🙂

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