a birthday day. :)

starting the day with a delicious crepe.

Today is my 32nd and I’ve never felt as accomplished, what with a brand new baby in tow! I woke up with great anticipation of what to come and Mr Hubby happily rise to the occassion. Not that he does it every birthday but this year he’s been quite sweet with all our special events and I feel really blessed. My first surprise is the breakfast date of my choice, well, since it’s a treat I up the ante and chosed La Bodega. Oh yeah, I didn’t order the big breakfast set although I was so tempted to. Well, I still watch what I eat but on my birthday it’s an opportunity to let my hair down a bit. Speaking of hair, I had it done right after breakfast just to add a bit of fabulosity into my day! he he

treating myself to a professional hairwash!

something sweet from Mr Hubby

When we return my girls got ready to have lunch – again my choice! Really, what a great treat. Of course I went for seafood – I have a thing with prawns and crabs. KL-bound, seafood is only great in Klang, and we almost lost our way around the terrible traffic in Klang town but we’re in time for lunch. I just tuck in all the goodies like nobody’s business – steamed bawal, chilli crabs and prawns, etc… Well, I was too busy between digging in and handling baby so couldn’t snap any photos of the delish goodies.
Finally, my birthday ends with a nice tea at Delicious. By then I was too full and just pinch some of my daughter’s carrot cake. Plus baby Aisyah has started to get agitated after a long day outing. Well, honey, it’s mommy’s birthday and she needs to feel pampered too because starting now it’s going to be a rare treat and you’re getting all the attention! he he…

at 32 and happy! πŸ™‚

What a day…I’m so humbled and felt like I have everything I need in life. Time to focus on my loved ones pulak…good night!!


4 thoughts on “a birthday day. :)

  1. Escape2: well not all is perfectly sweet but almost there… Can’t ask for more than good health and loving spirit from family! Anyway, it was perfume, since I’ve ran out of my old one and hasn’t got time to shop he got me one. Yeah, he scored a point for being super-husband!

    Madam Tai Tai: Thanks, I’m into Chanel too and totally adore the classic bags but too high end laa M’am! Admire orang pakai pun seronok jugak. πŸ™‚

    Ashley: thanks dear, yeah it was a day to remember. Call me la sometime we can fix a cuppa! πŸ™‚ And I probably bring baby. I’ve got to get those practical carrier with hands free option to lug baby around so I can go out easier. Now housebound with baby.

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