fun time baking

My daughter expressed her interest in baking recently and I went to surf for available baking classes especially at beginner level. I found one at the Cooking House which is actually just 5 minutes away from my resident. The moment we stepped into the shop we saw a swarm of children around the chef and noted that the baking course for beginner we signed up for was actually for kids! But we still went in for the fun of it.

Chef Collin at work and all those kids just can't wait to get a lick of the batter!

say yes! to baking. 🙂

Although the culinary school was just minutes away from home I never knew about it till my discovery online. It offers a variety of cooking and baking course conducted by renown chefs and the courses are quite affordable. Hindsight, it’s actually quite pricey but a lot of it were hands-on so it’s money well-spent for the experience.I paid RM135 per person for a whole day’s course which consists of foundation to baking and four other desserts. The course was actually a two-day set but I registered for one day first to see how it went.

The Cooking House has a well-equipped kitchen for industrial baking. There’s a variety of ovens used so this really helps you find out how your oven at home would function to suit the baking learnt. The chef also dish out some useful tips and techniques to baking.

I wish there was a mixer! Berpeluh-peluh mix batter from scratch - nak cabut tangan wooo..

I used to bake straight  from recipe books and went through trial and error but this class enlightened me a lot. Since there was no mixer for the batter, everything needs to be accurate (Now this is where my Math fails and thank God Sebrina is around to help count! ha ha) I’m not great at baking and realised the best way to learn is always hands-on.

having fun at it

My daughter also enjoyed the whole process. We team up with each other and take turns whisking and creaming and battering things up (he he) to make walnut brownies, carrot and raisin muffins, chocolate and coffee cupcakes plus peanut butter cookies as a finale. We had a well-prepared table to ourselves complete with ingredients.  Throughout the entire time it was fun watching the younger kids struggle through their measuring cups and creaming the butter, even running around yelling for extra flour, sugar etc.  Sebrina also had the chance to teach those kids some manners as we’re the only adults there! We felt like kids ourselves, really, and time flies so fast when you’re having fun.

our spoils of war!

The presentation is better left unsaid, eh? ha ha… but you must believe me when I say our muffins, cookies and cuppies really tasted good. We brought back the goodies and I gave some to the neighbours because there was just too much. I was actually very tempted to sign up for the second day installment but after 5 long hours away from home, I started to miss my baby.  So I’m giving tomorrow a miss. Well, at least it leaves me with great plans of baking with baby Aisyah when she grows up! 🙂 And it was a great bonding time with my eldest.

she's already a pro at swirling those icing on the cuppies. 🙂

If you’d like to join any cooking or baking courses on offer you can contact The Cooking House at Desa Sri Hartamas (03-23001070) or you can check out their website


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