glow with GloMinerals

If you’ve followed earlier, one of my favourite foundation is the MAC minerals loose powder which I find excellent to even sleep in with! Err..not that I recommend it. By the way, when a friend told me that she’s a GloMinerals consultant in Malaysia I was ecstatic because it’s one of the renown brand for minerals cosmetic – and sadly, not even available for retail in Malaysia. Minerals make up is quite big now because it’s really a breakthrough in skincare cosmetics which helps with acne-prone skin or any skin condition after clinical treatment. I’ve seen GloMinerals counters in malls in London last June but I wasn’t so sure to try. Now that I have a trusty friend who could suggest best colours and products for me – yeah, I gave it a shot.

choices in foundation and face base colours

Last Saturday I met my friend Zoe at the spa she’s attached to in Solaris Mont Kiara (Energy Day Spa) and together we had a great time trying out GloMinerals colours. In the end, I chose the following:

There are two types of foundation – liquid and loose base. I’m used to loose powder minerals like in Bodyshop and MAC so I took liquid. The liquid just sort of melted on your skin when you put it on and it doesn’t have any cakey feel. Plus, the colour actually blends well to my skintone which is always a problem because most foundation I found at retail doesn’t suit my in-between skin shade. To add to that I also got myself the concealor to help with my growing eyebags (one major side effect of being new momma!).

I wasn’t quick enough to snap a photo of my make over but my best review is through my daughter Fatin when I saw her later at home – “you looked very natural, I mean, good-natural”.
If you want to try out GloMinerals, you can call +6016 6399172 for further consultation. Coming from a person who’s tried enough – I think you should give GloMinerals a go. 🙂


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