the breastfeed trivia

I don’t feel like approaching this subject but I’m quite frustrated right now. I hope those mothers who breastfeed and had similar problems could give an opinion or two.
Before I delivered, I’ve read up a lot of info on breastfeeding and was quite determined to try, regardless. It was challenging at first but I persevered – when I came back home the first week my nights were filled with Aisyah’s cluster feeding – almost every hour! She slept so well during the day but at night it was quite a problem especially for Mr Hubby – he’s got a long working day and having to put up with baby’s temperament took a toll on our discourse. While he thought that my milk wasn’t enough and pressed me to change to formula, I stubbornly declined and said it was normal. I’ve never felt this tired in my life – even the sleepless nights of my masters papers previously wasn’t this tiring. However I wanted so much to breastfeed that I put up with everything and upon my mom’s visit, I urged her to bring me to buy breastpumps. Was quite religious pumping on daily basis but like I mentioned earlier – at most I could get was 1 1/2 oz. But I kept feeding Aisyah on demand so my milk flow would be smoother. Only at nights I get agitated because not only from the fatigue, but also worried of stressing my husband.

So I decided to introduce a bit of formula to Aisyah at night, once . My paed recommended 3 types – Enfalac A+, Similac Adv. and Mamil’s Gold. I tried Enfalac and baby had constipation and colic. She took the milk well at first but by noon her colic starts. Then I stopped and brought her back to my paed. He gave me Similac lactose-free to try and I fed her that once too. The constipation stops but colic still lingered. Poor Aisyah, she’s a real sweet baby and not temperamental at all. She only cries when she’s hungry or potty. So when she got colic it was really nerve-wrecking to see her miserable. I stopped all formula and just breastfeed on demand. Sometimes I gave her both breasts if she’s still hungry.

I still pump my milk nonetheless – but never got enough amount to store or feed her fully. Whenever I meet people who can pump up to 8 oz and have a full storage of milk to feed their babies for months-stretch, I feel funny about myself. I knew by literature that every mother’s milk is enough for their child but how come I can’t pump like them? While it’s quite stupid to linger on that matter and just feed her with my breastmilk, I feel the need to supplement her with formula at times when I need to. I don’t intend to go full-front on formula but alternate it with breastmilk accordingly. I also learn that most babies were fed a variety of formula brand till they could find something suitable, but does it have to induce miserable colic, constipation, etc along the way? How do you guys cope with that?
And my milk trivia continues…


9 thoughts on “the breastfeed trivia

  1. Pumping is hard. Sometimes demotivating when you don’t get “enough” output. But you have to realize that what you pump out does not indicate how much milk you make. It’s just the amount you are able to pump out at that time.

    When you’re at home with the baby direct feeding and also pumping at times, you’ll definitely get less output cos the baby drank most of your milk already πŸ˜‰

    When you go back to work (and away from the baby) you’ll also be able to pump a whole bottle (and more!). Don’t worry about that.

    You can have a full storage of milk for the baby by the time you have to go back to work by collecting all your 1-1/2 oz bit by bit everyday and freezing them (you can keep them in the freezer for months…i’m sure you’ve read up on exact storage temps).

    Nights was bad for me at first too cos I couldn’t master the art of breastfeeding while lying down. But once I got the hang of it, it made my life easier. I can sleep while she’s nursing. Have you tried that?

  2. Mommylyssa: thanks for sharing- it’s really helpful. I hope in a few months time i’ll be able to pump more and store like how i see in others – packets and packets of milk! beats formula anytime! πŸ™‚
    yeah, i learn how to nurse lying down too but then when i fall asleep my body pun ‘ter’ change position so terlepas baby’s latch! he he So I’ll make sure I dont fall asleep. Plus hubby gets worried takut ‘ter’ press baby. I dont think so, I’m very concious I think.

  3. kak yong, emak great at feeding baby masa tdo because as far as i can remember, all of us mmg tedo dgn mak and she feed us masa baring2…

    maybe u can ask kak wawa thru her blog
    she’s been feeding her baby fully breastfeed and sepanjang i’ve been reading her blog, banyak tips la.

    i hope you’ll get thru this because i really love to see mother bf their baby…

  4. hi qahina, this is wawa. fatin dropped a message in my fb abt your breastfeeding challenge, asking me to support you.

    i am not a certified lactation consultant but i ‘ve been bf-ing my son (3 yrs now) and my 1 1/2 yrs daughter. So i guess i can share some experiences.

    breastfeeding is tiring and exhausting and sometimes i will just drain all you energy thus led to demotivation. However, i believe, a mother has to be determine to breastfeed in order to make it work. Of course support from dear husband and families will HELP a lot.

    Aisyah is still small (1 months plus, am i right?), thus she doesn’t really need that much milk. She might look like hungry and wanna be breastfeed all the time, but believe me, most of the time she is just using you as her source of comfort and your tits as pacifier.


    It’s hard to establish the breastfeeding techniques but once you’ve got the hang of it, you’ll be ok.

    If possible, never keep formula in your house because once you know you have formula to topup ur breastmilk, you’ll sort of teaching your mind that ‘it’s Ok if i don’t produce extra bf’ and that will finally reduce your milk production. Like people say, it is all in your mind.


    1 1/2 oz for every pumping session is OK. I’ve experienced getting only few drops and that was sure very frustrating.

    try double pumping, meaning pump both breasts simultaneously. Maybe you can pump the free breast while the feeding the other one. And try pumping immediately after you have breastfeed aisyah. My point is to have your breasts emptied, so that body thinks that it will need to produce more.

    The amount of time your baby is feeding doesn’t indicate that you have lots of milk or otherwise. As i’ve written, she might be using you as her pacifier.

    And no leaking or no engorgement doesn’t means that you don’t have enough milk. It just means that your body has adjusted the production. That’s why you’ll need to teach your body again so that it will produce more.

    as mommylyssa said, u can combine the 1 1/2 oz milk that you pumped from previous session and store them. Just make sure that when you add the milk from different sessions, the temperature must be the same.

    You dont have to store like 8 oz per liner. What i used to do was to store 2 oz or 3 oz per liner, just enough for one feeding.

    Maybe try using a good breastpump would help. I am not sure which pump u are using, but investing on good ones will help you produce more. I’ve seen some friends who bought new pumps although they’ve already own one (or two). Medela swing, freestyle are some of the good ones. Btw, i just use spectra 3 because it fits me perfectly. I do have a medela harmony too. So i use them case on case basis.



    Qahina, all in all, it is all in your mind. Eat well, eat well, eat well, don’t stress yourself, and follow your instincts.

    There was once when i lost all my milk supplies because my fridge door wasn’t closed properly and i had to start from scratch.

    There are also few friends who were almost gave up, but they managed anyway because they were determine to make it work.

    Most importantly, get some support especially from those near you.

    There are a lot of other breastfeed mother out there that are willingly to reach out for you anytime.


    I wish you good luck.

  5. Fatin: i love to see mom breastfeeding too- although some ppl may find it icky but i love the bond – everytime i breastfeed aisyah i feel overwhelm with love and wanting to nurture her always. I pray that I would always be able to bf aisyah till 2 years old. Thanks for the link. I just got online, and will checkit out soon.

    Wawa: welcome to my blog and your feedback is really really great. My heartfelt thank you. Sometimes WordPress would filter comments thus the delay and I just saw yours today. I’m so happy that mothers like you took the time to help new moms like me – because noone gives you a tuition on how to cope in the initial months lest you have support of mom and family. Then again, it’s totally on us moms to be best caretakers and I do believe breastfeeding effort is one of it. While I dont judge those who feed their babies with formula immediately as I can understand circumstances plays major role as I’m now experiencing, I wish to try breastfeeding as much as I can. Having a network like you helps make life sweeter, knowing someone out there shares my circumstances previously.
    So thanks again for your note. I would visit your blog soon for more tips. Take care Wawa.

  6. A support group helps tremendously! When i started out i found a lot of support by breastfeeding blogger mommies (blog wawa pun i baca gak;-))… it helped me out a lot to know that most of us were pretty much going through the same things…good luck to you Qahina and don’t hesitate to ask for support from any breastfeeding blogger mommies you see online (including me)…

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