culling away

The hardest part of moving house or having gain/lost weight for that matter is culling away your treasures. Clothes, shoes, stuff – I realised I’m such a hoarder. My closet rail is almost on the bent from so much weight of unworn garments. Not to add shoes…oh, I saw 4 stilletos that’s never seen the light of day just because there was no matching dress. For the past 9 months I’ve totally ignored my wonderful frocks (I’m a dress-girl) and happily plod along with my maternity wear. Even those are packed away now because I won’t be using much of them anymore. Last night I spent 3 hours sorting out my goodies – I wish I could create a sales blog but tak sampai hati pulak nak jual barang kita dah pakai banyak kali. Plus each piece has a sentimental value! ha ha… so it was a real tug-o-war moment with me and my items. At last, the more practical side of me won and I managed to reduce a quarter of my wardrobe. Hmm…(quarter only???)

These shoes will go to my sister Abby. I’ve tried to wear these a number of times but they hurt my feet – I don’t know why certain brands ranges eventhough they share the same numeric size. Fortunately, my sister and I share the same size, but not the same taste. She’s more of a sneaker-type so I don’t know what she’ll do with these but hey, these are leather shoes (a.k.a not cheap!) so I’m going to make her wear! 🙂

so hard to part....:(

so hard to part....:(

Most of my nice tops I’ve given to my daughter, and the rest I’ve given away to my ex-helper Titin. I told myself, I’m not going to shop anymore after an emotional affair last night with my baju. Can’t even snap photos of it…sob sob…(drama!) Teaches me a good lesson not to buy excessively. Just lose weight and wear them to death. That’s my number one resolution after child-birth, mind you! LOL
Pity we don’t have nice charity shops like those in the UK -yeah, we do here and there but our society has not gone high up on charitable values as much to donate goodies that are worthy for display. Most offer very sad items…

Today my project would be culling away my books…I have my mind on the school library now. What a sad sad day …..hmmm…


3 thoughts on “culling away

  1. It’s not over yet hun. There are still maternity and nursing wear that need shifting soon. We’ve all been there and I God only knows how difficult it is to part with clothes.

    Hey, you’ve obviously not popped yet. Go sit on that swiss ball and get that contractions started.

    Love and kisses XXX

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