maid training module

I’m glad we managed to get rid of Bibik… seems like my agent has a new girl ready and we quickly grab her instead. As usual, today I’m stuck at home training the new maid – yes, like a friend did mention – I’m quite unfortunate in the maid department. I’m blessed with many good things in life but when it comes to maids – I’ve lost count how many exchanges we had to suffer, sometimes, with unscrupulous agents and at others, cheating and misbehaved maids. After countless training sessions, I’ve even compiled a training module plus an inventory list for home-cleaning essentials. All because I have a so-called perfectionist Mr Hubby who would harp on how the maid is doing this or that wrong and concluded I didn’t train them right. Therefore, I’ve wisened up and put things in print so when he complains of a certain thing, I would point to where I have not missed but the maid was lazy to complete or adhere to. It works somehow, because on one side you have a systematic employer, but on the other, you are stuck with someone who has no sense of being a professional service provider (a.k.a the agent) nor a well-trained committed employee (a.k.a the maid).
Well, having a system requires auditing. Problem with audit is that the auditor is 9 months pregnant waiting to burst – so in spite of my condition, I still have to show how things are being done plus I’m not the kind who just watch and sit and order. So I woke up earlier than the maid today so I can show her the routines of the house – what’s expected for breakfast, how to clean and feed the cats, how I want my bedrooms to be made and toilets to be washed, etc etc…By 12 pm my whole body gave way and I lay flat on bed. Tak larat rasa…tapi kalau tak tunjuk dia duduk saja dalam bilik. Bukan takde jadual kerja ke, or been informed of what to do next, but I have yet to get a maid who is rajin without having to be called to do work…ALL of my maids LOVE to stay in the room. Mana taknya, the room is quite spacious with radio, fan and all…plus they can charge their phones all day long. Kadang tu rasa nak confiscate je phone, boleh tak?
My new agent (not the current one with maid replacement) told me that our ‘real’ maid would come end of November. She’s been properly trained and doesn’t own a handphone. So I’m crossing my fingers and hope that she would end my misery dealing with errant maids.
To top that..Mr Hubby did asked me whether I want both maids at the same time – one to jaga baby after I start working and the other to do housework. Although it would’ve been a dream for someone else, I can’t imagine handling two strangers in the house. Enough lah! with maid problems. Satu pun sakit kepala rasa nak jaga..tegur tak boleh, suruh buat kerja malas…etc etc..I told him it’s okay..I would rather settle with one maid and jaga the baby myself or send her to proper nursery than having two maids..entah apa jadi dengan baby pun kita tak tahu kalau lepas tangan.
I really wish I have all the energy in the world to do things right. Thanks for caring to read this…my rantings on maids. Well, I hope this is the last!


4 thoughts on “maid training module

  1. well, i have no experience dealing with maid…but just want to tell you to relax yeah…since it is almost time for the baby to pop out. just do it step by step with the maid.

  2. if i were you, i would rather not to have a maid in such cosy home .. u will be later b a servant than a master.. rather engage one maid in the weekends to do households.. n the baby to nursery home…

    undergone already so know much abt maids..

  3. Hi! I’m from the Philippines and we too have been having problem with my maids. And like you, I’m trying to come up with a training module for our household help. This is quite an old post but would you happen to still have the training module you created and are you willing to share it with me? 🙂

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