craving for nasi dagang

Well, all the hard work of training maid made me so hungry… but I feel lazy to cook. So I went out for lunch on my own – guess where?

Kopitiam Kemaman, (Uptown) Damansara Utama, next to police station.

Kopitiam Kemaman, (Uptown) Damansara Utama, next to police station.

Yes, suddenly I had a craving for nasi dagang. Since I plan on a strict confinement diet later, nasi dagang would be a far distant, out-of-reach delicacy since it’s made of pulut rice (glutinous rice) and that’s another taboo for women in pantang right? Because pulut is supposedly windy.
Yeah Ashley (if you read this), I think I’m the one mad for confinement, not the lady who’s going to take care of me! ha ha
I’ve discovered Kopitiam Kemaman recently only, having been dreaming of the original Hai Peng Kemaman Kopitiam at Kemaman Terengganu itself. However, if you like Terengganu’s nasi dagang, this is as close as it gets in KL (commercial wise not home made yeah.)
It’s really good. You should try with extra tuna sauce. Well, this made my day. Now off to home to continue more work.
Nasi dagang with extra spicy tuba fish sauce

Nasi dagang with extra spicy tuna fish sauce


3 thoughts on “craving for nasi dagang

  1. Wow this looks good. Can you believe it if I said I’ve never had nasi dagang before? When’re you due? Shall we meet up sometime before you deliver? Don’t la wait until we bump into each other again…

  2. Hi ash, u should try..hey, u don’t live that far from Uptown right? Take Leon for breakfast this weekend there…got keropok lekor some more..sedap! 🙂
    We can definitely meet up but I’m supposedly due next week. Takpa lah, we got ecah others number right? We’ll keep in touch and hopefully have coffee after pantang! he he..

  3. there’s one more place of i know that boast the best nasi dangang n nasi kerabu in town…Hosue of nasi Dagang near setapak…( heard that previously wned by sheila rusly n partner)… may b u should try…( after confinement ofcourse..;op)

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