happily imbalanced

The funny part about being pregnant to the point of belly burst is that life still goes on albeit your discomfort and grunts of sleepless nights and backache. Don’t mean to exaggerate (I can deal with everything but this) – it actually feels like someone is pulling on your spine as if his/her life depends on it and you’re stretching long and hard to provide enough hold and support – and that is 24-hour-long-stretch every hour on the hour! To add, my colleagues did forewarn that when time is due for contraction, your spine feels like it’s being twisted. Yeah, I signed up for epidural – call me chicken but if it helps minimize pain I’m all for it. I still want a natural birth though – can’t imagine a caesarean unless need be.
My social bond with other working mothers helps in getting an insight of what it feels like juggling everything on top of your enormous belly. Their examples kept me going on days when I don’t feel like getting out of bed. Well, thank God for Obimin…my energy level is still on the high side. Eventhough I’m just waiting to pop, I still become Mr Hubby’s gracious and smiling escort to open houses and events, make sure there are warm meals on the table, house is in order (I just move a bunch of furniture to make way for the babycot and stuff) etc etc….even the maid needs supervision. If I left the maid unattended- dia pun rehat macam Mem! Aduhh….memang kena pantau selalu. So my going up and down the stairs is really a chore but I take it as a good exercise. I don’t have swollen ankles or varicose veins so far so that’s a good sign my blood circulation is in its optimum level.:) Alhamdulillah.

Today my kind neighbour showed me some Chinese herbs she used during her confinement. Although I have prepared some Malay herbs and jamu ready for my pantang rituals when the midwife comes over, I was intrigued by what she gave me. She told me if I’m interested she would help me buy at the sinseh she frequents.

the left one is for drinking (boiled in slow cooker) and the right one is for hot bath

the left one is for drinking (boiled in slow cooker) and the right one is for hot bath

I like the idea of Chinese confinement practice too (minus the wine and non halal stuff) because I’ve learnt that they are as particular as we Malays. While we give more emphasis on body treatment like urut, tungku and bengkung, they focus on blood circulation and energy. So I want to see how I can combine the best of both worlds. I want to go through the pantang rituals because I’ve read and heard all sorts of good benefits of it. I know some people would laugh at the idea just because it’s tedious but yeah, this is my first baby and I want to do everything right. Heck, not just the baby needs preparation – mommy too wants to look good after delivery! However, on the Chinese herbs for drinking I wasn’t sure whether the ones I featured here is totally halal. So will ask around and if you know anything about it, please comment. Thanks. 🙂
Hmm…wish me luck.


3 thoughts on “happily imbalanced

  1. Hi dear, most of the stuff is from plants like bark and leaves and berries/fruits, should be no problem. Just check and if anything looks suspicious just ask them the origin. Good luck with everything, and yes do follow as much as you can with the confinement. I couldnt take it and went for a hairwash on my 12th day of confinement but I wrapped up like a mummy (pun intended) and told them to blast the hairdryer away.

    • MsEscape: thanks hun…will keep this blog posted. 🙂
      Ashley: yes, I’ve done extensive checking and was pleasantly surprise how many grades of bark/leaves/berries available …and mine featured here are average (boleh lah kalau nak beli in bulk). Another friend told me if you can last drinking this for 50 days or more rahim pun boleh kecut cepat…so that’s great news for flatter tummy isn’t it? I’m pretty determined to follow the pantang (Malay/Chinese) regardless. They say it’s great to avoid sakit-sakit badan later when you’re old and it keeps menopause delayed. Hmmm…Wish me luck. L)

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