craving for coffee

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I used to be a caffeine junkie – I need my Nescafe fix every morning to kick start my day. When I have to write debate essays, when I’m marking exam papers, when I read…there’s always a cup of coffee nearby. Now I feel miserable marking these damn stupid papers without a cuppa to recuperate! Oh God…help me survive.. I’ve been without coffee now for many many moons but marking SPM trial papers while preggers at 9 months is B.A.D for mind, soul and body. Really. I’m just ranting here I know! LOL
But with nothing to stimulate my central nerve system my hate escalates to indefinite proportion especially after reading stacks of senseless scripts. I hate marking. If they allow me, I’d probably put up a huge banner at school stating:

p/s: blogging really helps when ur miserable eh?


3 thoughts on “craving for coffee

  1. they should terminate whoever made decaff coffee! LOL
    It’s not the same. Really. It’s not. I’ve worked in Starbucks before. Decaff is like a sissy drink for caffeine junkie like me. But I’m hanging on hard to the thought – caffeine is bad for the unborn. Takpe lah, tahan saja. Thanks dear!

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