blessed to have a supportive Mom and husband

I went through some ECG scan yesterday as my due date nears due to a history of minor heart problem when I was younger. It’s not severe, just a bit of palpitation and irregular heartbeats and it wouldn’t have required a check had the possibility of a caesarean birth did not arise. Not that I want to be cut up but what ifs…just so, hubby and I went to Sunway Medical centre upon referral by my gynae. Turned out my result is as good as I if I was born yesterday and felt relief that everything is going fine – well, except for the past week sleepless nights and backache. Nowadays my Mom calls often to check how I’m doing and reminded me that was how SHE felt when she carried me! LOL But seriously, bila dah mengandung baru lah nampak betapa besarnya Mak… I remembered how I used to get annoyed with her so easily – ada saja nak ungkit or nag about this and that. But as I grow older I realised that’s my mom’s way of telling us – appreciate me… And now that I’m going to be a mom soon, I look at her in a different light and feel very, very blessed to still have her around. I can’t imagine if I’m married and pregnant, etc…my mom is no more with me. She’s like an anchor I never noticed till I need my support, and thanks Mom for being there for me always.
Having a supportive husband also makes a difference. Well, of course no one has it perfect. There were countless times when I broke down…geram geram geram…with a certain attitude and frustrations. But having hubby next to me when my back feels like killing me or driving me to the clinics, etc gave so much comfort. It made me realised I can’t live without these two. It also gave me an insight to every daughter’s life – of how much she needs a supportive Mom and husband in times like this. I hope I’d be able to provide the same comfort to my daughters, and that they would reciprocate with the same feeling of need and appreciation when similar occassion arises because I saw how important and lucky to have this kind of support as my due date nears.
Thank you God, for blessing me this time and I wish Your love never cease to bless me always.


2 thoughts on “blessed to have a supportive Mom and husband

  1. hi mrsnoba , takde larr nak due lagi 2-3 hari (gempak aja..sebab nervous! ) – i’m in 36th week already so getting ready la ni. πŸ™‚ kadang banyak org deliver 38th-39th…but they say 1st pregnancy lambat sikit kot. Harap cepat la tak sabar nak tengok baby. πŸ™‚

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