Through the fire with Chaka Khan tonight.

CK1I managed to squeeze in a concert amidst my last month of preggy! he he…When I got news Chaka Khan would be in town I immediately called Mr Hubby and practically begged to go. Her concert was held tonight at KL Hilton’s ballroom and it started at 9pm. Why her, instead of Beyonce eh? LOL, you may wonder coming from a “modern” listener…
Well, if you noticed my choice of music videos, I love Classic Soul. That refers to the likes of Aretha Franklin, Roberta Flack, Chaka Khan, etc…. and although now I’ve transcend to the later of its songstress genre like Jill Scott, the original singers still reigns in my heart. Prince even called Chaka Khan “the mother of all voices” and she’s won the Grammys too many times. If you like R&B and Jazz music she is one household name you won’t want to miss.
Well, I almost cried when Chaka Khan appeared on stage – I couldn’t believe Chaka Khan was in front of me rendering her famous songs like I feel for you, Through the fire and I’m every woman. I felt just lucky to see her tonight (coming from the heart of a fan) and believe it or not, I’m not the only one. Sheila Majid, Khadijah Ibrahim and Jaclyn Victor were just behind my seat…they were clapping and singing aloud to the songs too! It was an energetic fun night and I had a ball. 🙂 Eventhough I was seated most of the time I was still grooving along her music with baby in me…. ha ha..I think baby’s going to turn out listening to old-skool R&B like mommy eh? he he..Thanks Mr Hubby…for enabling me to see the great Chaka Khan.

the fabulous backup singers

the fabulous backup singers


4 thoughts on “Through the fire with Chaka Khan tonight.

  1. Peng2: yeah girlfriend! 🙂
    MTT: wow..ur a fan too? great, and I thought hubby and I were the odd few but judging from the crowd lots of young and fabulous ppl were there too so Chaka Khan is still highly- revered, eh? LOL
    MsEscape: good observation! ha ha…thanks dear. 🙂

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