make up for lazy people

These days I easily feel tired and lazy, especially when keeping up with appearance. So when I discovered the miracles of mineral foundation and learn that I could almost go to sleep with it on – it’s like godsent!
However, one thing about mineral foundation is that they don’t come in many shades so you’re stuck with a shade darker or lighter (especially when you belong to in-between shade of skin like mine – neither fair nor too dark..awwhh..perasann!) ANYway, I’ve been using Bodyshop mineral foundation for a while because of the price and accessibility (Bodyshop is in every mall and high street it seems unlike other brands) and although it’s quite okay I don’t like having the kabuki brush applicator separately – plus the packaging wasn’t that user-friendly. The brush keeps hanging out in the open inviting germs and all so I have to wash it frequently. Just a day before Raya I lingered at a M.A.C booth and discovered their mineral loose powder foundation – with the applicator capped together. That itself scored a point with me and I purchased a shade close to mine. I like M.A.C and Bobbi Brown range of foundation but my acne prone oily skin won’t submit great enough to its liquid nor creamy substance for long. So I got thrilled when M.A.C comes out with mineral loose powder foundation for me to try – the price wasn’t far steep from Bodyshop’s variety. Plus it got SPF 15 which makes it brilliant to apply anytime after solat which cuts short the whole make up ritual. So yeah, got it, used it and happy with the result. Plus there were many occassions when I actually commited a beauty sin by dozing off with make up on and didn’t wake up with a breakout the next day. Bliss, eh? LOL
Hmm… not something I would advocate …but this make up is brilliant when you’re too tired to wash and scrub and exfoliate… 🙂


3 thoughts on “make up for lazy people

    • yeah…I love MAC but I’m not crazy about its packaging – a bit too bland and simple. But their products are good. I would prefer if they come out with cute cases like in Benefit or Dior. Lip applicator? hmm…will look into that.

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