Raya won’t be complete without….


(from left) Fatin, hubby, me and Sebrina

(from left) Fatin, hubby, me and Sebrina

Am posting one of my rare photos where all my family is together. Too bad Sebrina couldn’t join us again this Raya. But she’s cooking rendang and kuih sujee now with friends to celebrate at Dublin. I wish all my daughters are with me every year but …. circumstances prevail. I guess as you get older you’d realise how much family matters during festive seasons. – Insya Allah I hope she’ll be back to beraya with us next year. Well, not to deter from the festive feeling, here I present to you my Raya chronology.

On the eve:
hamper Hubby gets a bunch of hampers and Fatin and I would sort out all the goodies. Then we’ll take out the Raya cookies and organise them nicely in the jars, sort out drinks, cutleries and tableware for the next day. Usually, my maid would start preparing all the ingredients for rendang and peanut sauce after dinner and I would cook these dishes the night before (well, except for lemang and ketupat laa..he he that one order). Every year I would also bake a cake or some cookies but this year is a unique exception – all my food is bought from friends – I made it a point to relax and enjoy the Eid in my condition! (excuses!!!)
Most of the time I couldn’t sleep early due to cooking the rendang (to get a good one you would have to keep stirring for 4-5 hours). But yeah, this year I skipped that routine. I’ll get back into action in 2010 ok..cooking up a storm! Those who knows me I’m extending my invitation now yeah…*wink

On first Raya
We began the day with Eidil Fitri prayer. Since both of our parents are in KL (mine in Selayang and hubbys’ in PJ) we prayed at Masjid Wilayah KL, which is 10 minutes away from my house.
masjid wilayah
Then we adjourned to home to eat breakfast. The usual fare – all the following. Somehow every year I would buy loads and loads of pineapple jam tarts. 🙂 I couldn’t settle on what shape so I bought all kinds. I heard it’s one of the toughest to make anyway. Well, it’s my favourite cookie!

must-have for Raya

must-have for Raya

Then we gathered in the living hall, kiss and hug each other to seek forgiveness and rekindle our family love.. he he..and exchange Raya money! (Fatin is ecstatic with hers I bet!) Next we head towards either my parents or his – this year my turn first in Selayang! (I’ll update our family gatherings when my sibs upload the photos)
Eat eat eat till stomach wants to burst…
Then we’ll complete first round of open houses according to invites. I just combed through 3 houses.

Night comes, I’ll play some bunga api and mercun for fun but looks like the neighbours are coming out to check on their cars! ha ha…Well, I guess it’s unfitting to play around the residential area. I miss those times when we could play in the open field. Oh yeah, at 30 I still play bunga api… can you believe it? Hubby also got excited seeing me excited.. 🙂 I guess fireworks always brings out the child in a person.

Well, tomorrow there’s more food, entertaining and rounds of visits…sigh..
(eh, Alhamdulillah)

Finally, I’ll get to rest at home. I’ll count my Raya ang paus for give away tomorrow. I’ll usually entertain guests on the second day onwards but this year I tell everyone my home is like a warehouse (due to moving out-soon scenario) and not fit for attending to guests! he he…..so Insya Allah I will do a Raya open house next year in my new abode.

My wish to all – Selamat Hari Raya and may God bless you and family with all the love, joy and kindness that lasts and lasts! 🙂


7 thoughts on “Raya won’t be complete without….

  1. Hi dear, Selamat Hari Raya to you and your family. All the food looks delicious, especially the rendang! Don’t wait till next Raya; do a housewarming. Potluck so you don’t have to cook. Counting down till baby comes…

  2. ha ha thanks Ashley! Yeah when my new dwelling is ready I would definitely invite you plus Ryan over…heard that you’re a fabulous cook too. Wouldn’t mind a potluck yeah.. he he
    You take care!

  3. I have found your blog two weeks ago and I liked it.
    To be honed, I have learned a lot from your writings.
    Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri.

    B.T.W., I’m wondering, why almost all of your pictures are blur.

  4. he he..thanks Leo. I’m glad someone likes my blog…:) Are you a blogger as well?
    To be honest – yeah, I blurred my pics so that I can be partially-anonymous – now does that makes sense? Can I get my virtual fame without being approachable in real life as Qahina? he he….very socratic eh?
    The blog was initially updated news for my daughter overseas plus some friends who still follows my ongoings. Then again anyone could browse it coz I didn’t make it private. It’s quite harmless anyway, just domestic-stuff. Glad u find it interesting. Thanks for the wish – may you have a good Raya too. 🙂

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