a date with Hamlet

hamlet_webfullLast night I saw a Malaysian modern take on Hamlet, a Shakespearean play about a Danish prince who avenged his father’s death at KLPac. Well, it’s one of my last few outings to theatres and shows before I burst! he he…and kind hubby accompanied me and Nawal (eventhough Shakespeare is not really his cup of tea but he enjoyed the night, plus I gave him a very quiet running commentary throughout the play so that he could understand the archaic English they use.)
Hamlet runs this weekend for four nights in a row and tickets are selling very, very fast (I had the LAST 3 seats on Thursday night itself!) I fell in love with Mel Gibson’s version of Hamlet in 1990 and sinceforth look forward to any effort in featuring the play. Of course you can’t beat the excellent casts of Gibson, Helena Bonham Carter and Glenn Close, but last night’s show deserves a compliment. Well, the Malaysian version this year is directed by Christopher Ling featuring fresh-faced theatre casts like Izmir Husein who played the young prince. Somehow the whole show still feels like a school play but a very good commendable one because the casts are mostly young and has potential to go far. Well, good luck to all casts in their future undertakings and I hope to see more Shakespeare’s plays like this on our shore. 🙂

Nawal and I at Hamlet, KLPac

Nawal and I at Hamlet, KLPac

Here I would leave you with the caption of which Hamlet spoke the world-famous line -“To be or not to be; hence the question.”


3 thoughts on “a date with Hamlet

  1. gosh….i missed it! but come to think of it, i couldn’t possibly go since nobody is going to take care the kids. That’s the bad thing of not having a maid…

  2. My friend acted as Laertus, she played a boy. Hehehe. I couldn’t go watch it, boohoo. There’s another play another friend will be acting at PJ Life & Arts Centre from 1st to 11th October called “The Wacky Bar”. Go watch. It’s (supposedly publicised) as funny. hehehe.

  3. ’twas a wonderful eve! thanks for suggesting it. the show was OK and the cast did a good job of memorising the lines. maybe in the future they could have more emotions brought out from each character….and i wished i could have stayed longer & lepak with u guys! fie! fie! alas i bid thee farewell!

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