cannot raya with baju Raya baru!

I retrieved these from my tailor Iszal at Citra, Ampang Point just now. I’ve sent the fabric for stitching since February because I don’t want to compete with the mass of last minute – and learnt that I’m pregnant sometime in March! ha ha….so now I cannot wear these for Raya this year, due to my growing belly. Never mind, at least next year no need to send for new baju. Then again – can I still fit them with my post-natal weight? hu hu….These would be incentive to lose weight then – how can I just keep these beautiful frocks in the closet, right?
Go Qahina, go!!….you can gain your pre-preggy weight back by next Raya (chanting to myself!) Now ladies, how was yours? I know some people who got way slimmer than they were before pregnant. You think I’d have a chance? hmmm….


6 thoughts on “cannot raya with baju Raya baru!

  1. I have to admit Aniq, the slimming doesn’t come easy. But i’m breasfeeding and I don’t want to jeopardize my milk production by lowering my calorie intake, it’s just selfish of me if I do so. But I am slowly losing it without even trying so it’s looking good. Just enjoy the pregnancy and the baby and don’t worry too much about the weight. All will be well. xx

  2. yes you are right. I’ve heard all sorts of wonderful benefits of breastfeeding and pray that my milk supply is enough to feed baby Aisyah for more than a year. 🙂 I was banking on an exercise regime rather than restricting food, as I’m already eating healthily. Been staring at my old jeans and wonder when would I fit them! ha ha
    Thanks babe.

  3. Apsal your baju raya macam baju kahwin?

    Oh, yelah, nak sambut baby also like wedding preparation kan.

    To summarise, you treat everything like a grand wedding. Hehehehehe … (I still love you nevertheless, always the more)

  4. Abby! (I should’ve expect this kinda comments coming from my own sis anyway!)
    Yes, I want everything best best best! he he he
    You grew up with a sister who’s a stickler for perfection. Plus if I can’t fit it later you’ll know who will inherit them, right? ha ha

  5. don’t worry…u’ll make it when the time comes. Well u have something in mind as a motivation that’ll help…but it takes time n lots n lots of efforts…
    p/s those r gorgeous dresses, think I can fit..? ;op

  6. gorgeousness is thy name o’ baju kurung raya! mashaAllah cantik betul baju kau! insyaAllah u will lose ur baby phat soon. focus dulu on the baby & keep urself healthy, ok….

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