burritos for sahur

photo taken from travel germany tourism.com

photo taken from travel germany tourism.com

I wanted to add some zinggg to my first sahur of the year so I’ve decided to make some burritos. (FYI burritos is a classic Tex-Mexican dish – it’s like a kebab wrap). The idea excited my daughter Fatin to wake up for sahur because it’s different from the usual bread or rice that we used to have. I made it a point to wake my whole family for sahur at 5 am so we can appreciate the beauty of fasting and they will start with good nutrition to last the whole day. I got wheat tortillas wrap from Cold Storage yesterday and proceed to make the meat sauce – which is entirely my own concoction – no offense to the original Mexican burritos yeah? LOL

Qahina’s Malaysian-style burritos

6 pieces El Paso Wheat Tortilla Bread
a packet of mince meat
baked beans
1 red onion (big) chopped and diced
1 tomato (sliced)
grated cheese
salt and ajinomoto to taste
the following all blender:
onions (5)
garlic (2)
dried chilli (7)
ginger (1 1/2 cm)

Saute the blender’ed items in heated oil in a wok until pecah minyak. Then add the minced meat, fry till cooked and add beans (according to your liking). Add salt and ajinomoto to taste. This will be the meat sauce.
Warm up the tortillas (this you can do in microwave for about a minute). Spread some mayo, lettuce, onions, tomatoes, meat sauce and finish with grated cheese. Wrap and roll the tortillas like above photo. Serve 5-6. Simple, kan?
Do you have other ideas for a simple and healthy sahur? Do share with me…:)


3 thoughts on “burritos for sahur

  1. ha ha..thank u ms escape! kind words…but I could be quite a terror when I’m mad! LOL
    thanks for the link. BTW what’s happening to Yun Li? Last heard she got married to a Hong Kong guy? *che, gossip*…he he

    • yes…she got married years ago. now in england still in chichester. that hk guy is the takeaway she worked in punya boss’ son. heheh.e…

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