an award to inspire

galaaniqHubby and I were invited to attend the 2009 APEA (Asia Pacific Entrepreneurship Award) last night. I love going out for events because these are an eye-opener for me, after being all stuck at school with a rare chance of meeting people outside my work (not counting real friends and family.) It was a black tux and evening dress affair, and as usual, my huge belly gave me a wardrobe misfunction. My past experiences have geared me with a decent spread of dresses to wear for these kind of events but come pregnancy, I almost crack my head last night going through the only one dress that seems to fit … well, I managed and enjoyed the rest of the night.

the award winners - SmartReader and YTL heads

the award winners - SmartReader and YTL heads

What caught my attention were the award winner speeches – like the Women Entrepreneur of the Year Award won by Dr KH Wang, group director of SmartReader Malaysia – it was her dedication to spread the excellence of English language tuition programmes throughout the country that prompts her achievements. From a humble tuition centre in USJ, Subang to a worldwide recognised tuition franchaise, I feel that this woman is really deserving of the title. And best, she wore a baju kurung upon receiving the award, which amused me, being in an event which is made up of 70% Chinese and foreign recipients.

Another winner was Tan Sri Dato Seri Dr Yeoh Tiong Lai, chairman of YTL Corporations. He gave a heartwarming thankful speech to his wife and family (which I find rare for successful man!*wink). In his words, family is his pillar; without his wife and children, he won’t be successful. I believe a lot of people put their family behind when it comes to career to which slowly damages their relationships; only the true successful ones kept their family intact against the odds. I always noted that real successful people have simple looking spouses who are always patient and pleasant to be around. This shows that they’ve been through wear and tear together, and it’s great to be reminded that once in a while, besides achievements in life, family is everything.

hubby (in the middle) beaming with his friends

hubby (in the middle) beaming with his friends

That night I was also lucky to sit next to a former accounts teacher, Datin Faizah. It was lovely chatting with her about the education world, schools and of course, tonnes of advices from a senior of sorts about motherhood and being a companion to a corporate man. Well, till the next gala – sayonara! 🙂


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