a weekend in Penang

best durian award!

best durian award!

Since this would be my last week before work starts (I took a month off from work to have some holiday with my daughters,) I planned a nice getaway to commemorate it. This weekend we went to Penang for a makan trip – I’ve been craving for the famous Transfer Road nasi kandar, plus some Balik Pulau durians and ice kacang at Penang Road. Hubby was lucky to get the weekend off as well because we were away for quite some time in UK and I was worried another holiday might infuriate his workmates! ha ha But yeah, we got away on Friday and we bunked over at Gurney hotel and started a ‘makan’ rendezvous every hour on the hour! he he…starting from Penang Road, down to Pulau Tikus then Batu Feringhi. I was totally enjoying my freedom to eat during pregnancy.. ๐Ÿ™‚ Everything tasted soooo good. My daughters were having a great time as well – too bad it rained heavily on Saturday so our plans on the beach was cancelled. Instead we spent the day at Gurney Mall watching ‘The Taking of Pelham’ – watching two great actors doing their best (John Travolta and Denzel Washington) is a wonderful alternative to a beachy activity! *wink
Anyway, I want to share this photo here because it feels great to have all my lovely girls with me. My eldest is often away to share our family’s activities and now that she’s here I feel so complete as a mom. Alhamdulillah, I feel so blessed and it adds a tiny bit of encouragement to start working tomorrow on a happy note..ha ha…if work can be count as happy. ๐Ÿ™‚
baby in tummy also wanna share the limelight it seems!

baby in tummy also wants to share the limelight it seems!


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