quest for beauty…hmmm

Travel always been a double jeopardy for my skin and hair – while I had great fun on my travels, my skin and hair is being prosecuted under the climate change and sleeping disorder. As is, I’m not exactly blessed with thick lustrous hair nor flawless skin so when the hair starts getting frizzier and breakout occurs, the first thing I do is to apply masks on every other day before I go to sleep for a week, then it helps.

KOSE black mask

KOSE black mask

This mask seems to help with my acne-prone skin. It’s a bit messy at first with its black goo but when it dries up you can peel it off your face and it makes my skin feels better.
Well, I can’t do all these during travel due to liquid constraint, and bulk so home is where all the painstaking beauty procedure starts. I have also bought a new scalp treatment product because I noticed my hair is falling under the pregnancy hormone switch. I heard that most women experience hair loss after giving birth so the thought scares me because I have thin hair. So from now I’ve been quite dilligent in applying the hair tonic.
Redken Hair Advance Scalp revive range

Redken Hair Advance Scalp revive range

This one was recommended by my hair stylist and she says that most of of her pregnant and post natal clients have used it. It is supposed to make my hair stronger. Yeah, let’s see.
I always believe in home treatment coz a weekly hair and facial is quite impossible and costly…unless u have no-limit budget la. Nonetheless…what’s your home beauty routine?


3 thoughts on “quest for beauty…hmmm

  1. unfortunately, i sometimes work 12 hours a day and when i get home at 10pm, all i want to do is take a shower and go straight to bed… so my daily routine involves washing my face when i shower and slapping on some moisturiser before i sleep so that my face doesn’t feel like it’s cracking… 😛

  2. that’s a good one. You’ve always had good skin Peng, since I last saw you. Yeah, it’s tedious isn’t it? But if I don’t do mine I look like crap! Crappier than anyone else..ha ha
    *thanks for sharing.

  3. best home remedy for problem skin is plain yogurt for me babe! gets rid of acne scars, pigmentation, redness and keeps your skin supple & smooth even after one application. just leave on face after cleansing for about 15 minutes then wash with lukewarm water. you can do it daily or even weekly.

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