flying overseas while pregnant

I’ll be leaving for UK today to visit my eldest Sebrina and have a bit of a tour for 2 weeks. This would be my first long-haul journey while pregnant and thankfully I’m in the comfortable zone of my second trimester. All checklists checked and bags packed – I plan to travel light anyway because we won’t be stationary in a place. My main concern however is the ongoing swine flu outbreak which has currently infected almost 10 000 people in UK. This trip has been planned since the beginning of the year due to Sebrina’s convocation from her dental studies in Ireland and it was impossible to change the dates of tickets, etc. It’s with a heavy heart I’m flying today – mostly worried about the H1N1 infection. I’ve checked with my doctors and they gave me masks and some tamiflu tablets which is to be consumed in any case of infection. Tamiflu vaccine is the only cure for swine flu until they manage to distribute the real vaccine in September.

face masks and taminflu tablets to avoid H1N1

face masks and taminflu tablets to avoid H1N1

Somehow the thought of carrying the tablets help relieved my worries. My GP also advised me against moving about much during flight – as the plane is 13-hour-incubator of all sorts of airborne diseases! I’d probably get one of those diapers for old folks when they can’t control their bladder as to avoid going to the toilet – in the plane or in airport confinement to avoid risks of infection. By any means necessary – so they say. Imagine a pregnant woman on diapers! LOL Even hubby thought it was practical and sensible enough for me, but not for him lah! He won’t be caught dead in daylight in a diaper! ha ha.
travelling light - with just a bag.The other empty half is hubby's.

travelling light - with just a bag.The other empty half is hubby's.

We’ll be renting a car to go around Scotland all the way down to London. I hope this won’t be my last update..:) Sayonara! And wish me well.


3 thoughts on “flying overseas while pregnant

  1. Hope all goes well aniq and don’t worry too much. just wash your hands constantly and avoid touching too many things in public.

    i’ll be waiting to hear from you and hope we can arrange to meet up. would be great !!

    you got my mobile number? i sent it on fb !!

    safe journey.

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