stopping for a relief at Perhentian.

I’m updating my posts from Perhentian island this hour. I’ve never been here and been lucky enough to follow hubby on his business trip to survey some land to develop. He has left me alone to go trekking with his engineers and here I am on a RM10 per hour Internet connection – geez…gonna make the best use of it. Meanwhile, I love the powdered sand on my feet and turquoise sea outside my window bay. Gonna update later with photos at my travel blog. Oh yes, I’m going to see my grandma at Kelantan tomorrow yeah, looking forward to that. Meanwhile – everything feels heavenly. 🙂 See you soon.


4 thoughts on “stopping for a relief at Perhentian.

  1. bliss! one of my fave islands! did u go snorkeling? i love walking around in minimal clothing & barefoot on the island! very bohemian lifestyle! enjoy the lovely sun & surf!

  2. Hi Bea, great to see u here. Yes, I’ll be leaving for Ireland sometime on 7th July and will be in London say on 18th or 19th. Are you still in Reading? Will be driving around UK possibly covering many places. If I could have your number maybe we could hook up somewhere- that’ll be great! Appreciate if you could msg me via facebook. 🙂

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