sewing beads

Maybe I’m just trying hard not to start marking my student’s exam papers yet by finding countless other distractions to do – I feel so overwhelmed and distressed by this particular task of being a teacher during school hols you know…LOL. But knowing that my school break is going to end soon in a few days time – I will start this afternoon. Nonetheless, I’m going to share with you what I’ve done those couple of free afternoons over the last few days – sewing beads on my daughter’s belly dance costume bra! he he
Here are some beads and sequins:

these u could get at Semua House basement - sequins and beads shop

these u could get at Semua House basement - sequins and beads shop

the complete work! yay..

the complete work! yay..

For your info – in case you think I did all! (ahaks…I buat setengah je) the main work like bra and glam beads are done by my tailor Angie at Ampang. But since she charges a lot for beadwork I decided to do the extra tassles by myself. The blue bra set (as you can see in the photo) is fully done by my tailor and I use it as a model and improvise on creating a different design on the gold bra. This activity is so hynotizing – I figured if I have a baby I would never be able to do this at a stretch. It took me around 3 days to complete the work but I really enjoyed the result, eventhough my work is very untidy still. I bought some manik book by Rosita Jaafar previously and was enthralled by her beadwork showcase. Sometime ago I planned with a couple of friends to attend sewing beads workshop but I couldn’t seem to set the right available dates for all of us. Yeah, maybe in future, Insya Allah. Don’t mean to take this up as a major hobby but if I could sew nice beads myself, it would save a lot of tailoring costs. đŸ™‚


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