manners matters

Who hasn’t confronted uncivilised behaviours? I believe we all do – on the streets, in restaurants, etc. However, we put a stance thinking that these people are lowly-educated so it won’t burn us in direct. But it does get frustrating when the persons involved are people we know supposedly having been polished by social decorum and of older age. For example yesterday, two high-profile ladies wanted to join me to see the belly dance concert my daughter was performing in. I met them at a wedding event before – they seem nice and friendly and we chatted about our kids and what they were involved in. Hence their curiosity of my daughter’s belly dance concert in which they took my numbers and asked me to get tickets. I was more than happy to help them as that would mean more people coming in support of the charity concert, which profit goes to helping some Myanmar orphans. On the day of the event, they turned up, took the tickets, said a brief thanks and went to their seats. When the event finished, they dashed off without a word of goodbye or at least an SMS. I was wondering what happened to them and called to ask where they were. They told me they were busy,had to rush back and that’s it. Oh by the way – great concert. I felt slighted because I do wish people could be less rude as to offer at least a thank you SMS and goodbye, if not in verbal. I’m not expecting comments on my daughter’s behalf nor a hearty thank you speech, but people are increasingly unconscious of positive etiquettes and mannerism. They actually feel priviliged and deserving when people do favours for them or recognised their presence. I won’t be hugely surprised if this anak Datok or Tan Sri or Mr-Rich-Towkays-whatever behave rudely because it is true – their mothers don’t teach them. Maybe they did, but when they’re the one in action – they lose their manners. Coming from socialising with mothers who doesn’t know how to say a simple proper thank you –God forbid I become one.


Any comment on this?

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