a short guide to glamorous make up

I did promise someone that I will upload some tips on how to do make up for monolid eyes (single lid-Chinese eyes) like one my daughter has and I finally got that chance when she performs in one of her bellydance concert, like today. Of course I don’t recommend this for daily wear but for special occassions you can use it as a guide. As usual, I style and do make up for my daughter and it takes around 3 hours – an hour each for nail colour, hair and make up. Right after she bathe I’ll do her manicure while she waits for her hair to dry. Then I’ll set the hot rollers on her hair – separate her hair into sections, apply mousse and roll it in parts. When done, I’ll leave it for an hour while I do her make up. Once the make up is done, I get the rollers out and blow her hair a bit to give it more volume, finished with hair spray.makeupprocess I use Dermacos foundation (D4) for lasting hold because she’s going to sweat and applied extra loose powder. Then for the eyes, I use three colours – gold, light blue and dark blue. Apply the lighter, shiny colours like silver and gold near the tear ducts, followed by light blue at the centre ball of the eye lid. Later, shape the outer corner with the darkest colour, sweeping it a little above the previous light blue but not too much. Leave some space for the brow bone area for a cream or white highlighter. Next, use a black gel liner to draw a long line and curve it upwards at the end of the eye to give an elongated cat-eye appeal. The thickness of the eyeliner is subjective – if you have small eyes don’t line so thick – you’ll end up looking like a racoon. After that, dust some gold glitter at the tear duct for some shine. Blend the colours lightly and add more if you need depth. I applied a pair of fake eyelashes which has some silver glitter I got from Magic Boo for RM10. Tidy up the brows with a brow shaper instead of a pencil because my daughter has thick eyebrows. If you have sparse eyebrows, use powder eyebrow colour – don’t use pencil because it’s quite harsh-looking.

Usually, applying foundation and eye make up takes the most time because you need to create the skin as the perfect canvas and the eyes as focus point. So if you’re going for events, make sure you have around 20 minutes minimum to apply a nice looking make up like the celebrities we admire. ๐Ÿ™‚ Applying a blusher is a must – and smile when you do that so your blush colour concentrates on the apple of your cheek. Line your lips with a lip pencil, dust a bit of powder on it, apply lipstick, dab lightly on a piece of napkin followed by another coat and finish off with a slick of lipgloss. That’s my tip for lasting lip colour because mine always rub off after I finish my dinner.
I did mention somewhere that if you have monolid it’s best to explore the eyelid stickers that could actually thicken and create double eyelid. You could get that for RM3-10 at SINMA, Magic Boo, even Watsons. Here is the link on how to use and apply make up with it. You can check it out under the eyelid tape label in the author’s blog.
So yeah, this is the complete look of a belly dance superstar! ๐Ÿ™‚ I wish I could take videos of her dancing but they don’t allow camera in theaters. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ But we’ll usually get a CD of her performance from her teacher 2 months later.
And this post won’t be complete without yours truly taking credit! hi hi hi
Ciao for now…until another make up session (I didn’t expect to write such a wordy post! haaah) – the amateur is signing off. Ta!


3 thoughts on “a short guide to glamorous make up

  1. Hi!

    Thanks for the great tips on putting on makeup on monolid eyes. It doesn’t seem so difficult based on your step-by-step description. However, knowing how bad I am at makeup and how unsteady my hands are, it will be a looooong while and many hundred hours of practice before I could ever attain such perfection. Your daughter looks fantastic!

    Thanks, Qahina!

  2. MTT: Thanks dear. Pasal make up – biasa lah tu rasa malas, but when it comes to events nanti teringin jugak nak try make up canggih sikit. So bila2 senang u try la…banyak juga site kat youtube teaching you the manuals. Nanti ada chance when you’ve settled well in Ampang we can go out and have some make up session…sounds good? LOL

    Mrs Noba: thanks…betul ke? LOL I feel really bloated and fat. Been telling hubby Insya Allah dah habis deliver nak slim balik. *wink* -any tips? Baby’s doing fine – next Tuesday I got another scan. Can’t wait. ๐Ÿ™‚

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