another make up story

I think my close friends knew that I secretly wish to be a make up artist.. cuma tak cukup skill lagi. I’m still weak in contouring nose shapes and some facial features which I vowed to learn further. Nak apply fake eyelashes pun masih menggigil! 🙂. Recently I bought a foundation palette called Dermacos which is the sister brand of Kryolan. Apparently Dermacos is softer on the skin especially on creases. Mine had 12 colours on the palette which is brilliant because now when I do make up for my daughter or for grooming classes, etc…I won’t have to pack much to suit a variety of skin colours. Like the other day, when I made up an Indian student and a Chinese student, it was quite tricky to blend different shades.
Now with the help of the foundation palette, I can use them on anyone. I figured I have 2 sisters, daughters and plenty of female relatives who doesn’t need to waste RM500 for a session of make up on weddings and engagements when they have a trusty sister to help! he he…(maybe I should start a business and press charges..hmm)

As for my personal make up – I still use M.A.C and Bobbi Brown because my skin is way too sensitive for heavy duty foundation. If it’s for personal use, I don’t recommend this because it’s heavy to be removed and would clog pores when used on daily basis. However it’s perfect for bridal and stage make up, even for dinner events. I had someone made me up before using Sari Ayu creme foundation and it still turns out great so I guess it’s back to skills and techniques on applying, not so much of products. Currently I’m running out on eye colours and had my eye on some brilliant colour palettes out there. I love this Bobbi Brown eye palette because it’s very compact, nice enough to sneak into your handbag. Next month I’ll get my kutu money so I would have some to splurge on… he he he

Bobbi Brown bright eyes...small and cute to carry around

Bobbi Brown bright eyes...small and cute to carry around

If you do plan to buy Dermacos friend Suraya has a great website for you to surf on. Click here for more.


2 thoughts on “another make up story

  1. Hi MTT, I haven’t seen you in real life and I cant judge whether the thickness of your eyelid needs eyelid stickers which you can find at SINMA, etc…that helps in many cases to thicken eyelid and enhance eyeshadow color. On normal basis it’s easy to dab one striking colour and play with mascara for deep effect. Don’t line your lower lid, just powder your eye pockets beneath, apply lots of mascara and brush off the excess powder. My daughter has single eyelid (Chinese eyes) and belly dance make up requires smoky eye look to appear dark and sexy which she is at a disadvantage. For her, I do 3 layers of colour for Arabic/smoky eye look. She has a belly dance performance next Saturday so Insya Allah I’ll upload some photos on her eye make up for you to see ok. 🙂 Hope this helps somehow.

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