F1 Gala Dinner 2009

I had the pleasure of attending this year’s F1 Gala dinner at JW Marriot tonight. I learnt about it a few days ago and seeing the dress code is evening gown, I later looked through my wardrobe and found that my growing belly couldn’t fit into any of my dresses anymore (:)). Luckily I found this empire cut dress from Ecesis and was in time for tonight. In lieu of the F1 races at Sepang the past few days, this dinner is the highlight of the event, which so happens to be graced by our King and the new PM. I love the purple decor of JW Marriot’s ballroom – the orchids strewn all around the table looks fabulous. We even had JT of Kool and The Gang entertained us and I guess everyone enjoyed themselves. I was also lucky to meet a couple of familiar faces especially my friend D. Suriani – I hate going to events and being seated with snotty strangers but yeah, the food is good, music is great and people are fun-loving and friendly. Oh yes, I caught a minute with our astronaut but was probably speechless with his presence and didn’t have the guts to snap a photo with him. Maybe next time, eh? LOL. Here are some pic for tayangan. he he….enjoy.. 🙂

the purple ballroom

the purple ballroom

checkout the mobile dessert!

checkout the mobile dessert!


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