a grooming session

My cousin Intan, a lecturer at RIMA secretarial school invited me as guest speaker for a 2-hour talk on professional etiquettes and grooming, which in actual I have zero knowledge of. However, I feel challenged and flattered by the thought and within the short week I did a bit of homework through Youtube in addition with some feedback from my colleagues at work about applying make up (this post is definitely dedicated to all at SMTSSB staffroom 2). Guess what? Yesss, I managed to present a convincing talk which actually stretched to 3 hours – due to lots of enthusiastic Qs and As..wow, they made me feel like a pro although I was actually quite nervous. I don’t want to give the wrong impression of etiquettes, grooming etc, but what I gathered from my experiences was shared in a very honest and insightful way. So, the girls left feeling satisfied and happy (according to their lecturer! 🙂 ) So yes, this might be a new career switch, who knows? LOL

the vibrant secretary-to-be's, with Mrs Intan - their lecturer on my left (in red skirt)

the vibrant secretary-to-be's, with Mrs Intan - their lecturer on my left (in red skirt)



5 thoughts on “a grooming session

  1. Mrs Noba: thank you dear. It was really an eye-opener for me to just view myself in a different line than what I’m used to. 🙂
    Sebrina: Yes, with lots of love and compliments! he he he It was an informal favour so I didn’t charge anything but they gave me a certificate which could kickstart a million opportunities. 🙂 I reckon for 1st attempt, the certificate speak volumes.

  2. I hope when you are invited to do a repeat session, you will ask for payment! 🙂

    I’m pretty sure there will be a few invitations after this. Should start thinking about a change in career now, Qahina.

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