Mamma Mia for new year!

My new year was celebrated with a tub of ice cream in front of the TV – I was happy enough to be in peace at home rather than crammed with noise and traffic outside. Plus, the year ends with a dread – the whole wide world is not at peace with each other so there wasn’t much to celebrate. But 1st Jan got better; I woke up early, had the best chapati in town (behind Tawakkal Hospital) and went to sign up for a gym membership at True Fitness. Hubby and I have talked endless about how both of us are feeling some weight creeping in and it’s time to shape up for the year ahead. I paid RM76 a month tied to a contract of 2 years. I guess when you pay for something then you have more motivation to initiate whatever plans you’ve got rather than depending on self-discipline, which I think is crap when dieting! 🙂 Oh yeah, for the next 5 days I will be maid-less because she went to see her sister at Muar. I don’t mind not having her around – my only worry is with the cat because noone’s around to feed it in the afternoon. When you have obligations – cats or babies regardless, having a maid is godsent. My current maid is not super, but I’m grateful that she’s neat in work and doesn’t make a face when I corrected her. I’m going to have to pile on Sultan’s food enough till evening I guess. Hope the ants doesn’t get to it! sigh….
Anyway, I’ve booked tickets to the musical Mamma Mia since November. I’ve seen other West End musicals in London but not Mamma Mia, so when it finally arrived in KL I grabbed the tickets as fast as I could. What a sight! The cast was fantastic at singing and dancing. A lot of people who grew up with ABBA music gave it standing ovation, even the makciks with tudungs stood up dancing in the end! I wasn’t too inclined with ABBA but when you have a great cast singing and dancing to it the groove catched on- if you’ve seen Mamma Mia the movie you will also notice Colin Firth (which I had a crush on since I saw Pride and Prejudice) also played in the same musical in KL! Can someone please correct me on this if you’ve bought the programme book? (which I didn’t) because I could swear I saw Colin Firth 20 metres away from me on stage – and I was very very excited. I told hubby – Mr Darcy is on stage! He just looked at me blankly- who is Mr Darcy? Then I had to relate to him how I was in love with Colin Firth who played Mr Darcy in Pride and Prejudice, Love Actually plus many other movies. Yes, I think I saw the man. Well, that made my night! I went home dreaming of Mr Darcy.. or whoever that person that looks like him on stage just now! he he he


blurry image quickly snapped by phone coz everyone 'berebut' for the site! 🙂

To all – Happy New Year! And God bless…


5 thoughts on “Mamma Mia for new year!

  1. happy new year! u managed to start it with a little bit of arty farty stuff eh! must’ve been a super cool show! good new year’s resolution! i don’t have one….still thinking about it. did u really see colin firth? then u can die peacefully now….yeah, he is the mr darcy of my fancy! mesti laki ko pandang ko semacam masa ko cerita pasal mr darcy! hehehehe…..too much reading books!

  2. yes daaarling, super trooper ABBA cool! he he
    Yes, I can straight away die happily ever after in Jane Austen’s heavenly described world..LOL
    Mr hubby looked at me odd because I was as giddy as I was during my wedding when I spotted Mr Darcy. He says – “ooii..seronoknya!”
    Apekah itu JEALOUS namanya?? hi hi hi

  3. hahahaha aniq! mmg mr darcy tu pujaan hati i think 3/4 of bebudak tesl kat mpik tu…and not only you, i think all of us pun akan react like you did if we ever saw mr darcy…hehehe

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