reporting from Mumbai…LIVE

sarianiqHi everyone! I reached Mumbai last night at 10pm and have just experienced the exact things my parents told me – beware of the weather. It’s so warm and dusty outside the airport but when I reached our hotel at Marine Drive – it got so cold I was freezing, even after being wrapped in blanket. India’s time is 3 hours different from us, and what is 1 am to them is 3 am. You can imagine how spaced-out I am by then. Still I had to unpack stuff and managed to go to bed at almost 5am. This morning, sounds of traffic honking outside my room woke me up and I got ready for the day. Guess what is served for breakfast? Chapati!! ha ha..this is definitely going to be a staple throughout my stay here. Our driver took us around the city and of course – since they’ve been commissioned – took us to the shopping area at Bandra first. Oh yes, I also saw where Salman Khan and Madhuri Dixit lives. But the whole journey revealed to me a lot of sad images too – fakirs, little children, the slums, hard life – India’s scene is definitely NOT for the faint-hearted! I took a lot of photos of that, plus my photo of trying out lenga and sari at one of the shopping centres! he he…so girly stuff. Then we had to rush back to the hotel because of hubby’s function.So here I am, alone, sneaking out to the business centre to relief myself of some Internet addiction! LOL
I’ve uploaded some photos of my 1st day in Mumbai. Tomorrow I’m going to the scene of the terrorists attack at Taj and Oberoi Hotel – well, looks like the Indians resumed their normal business because things look normal. I truly enjoyed the feeling to be able to experience all these – sometimes amused, repelled, but most of the time – thrilled to be here. Hubby is making arrangement to fly to New Delhi on Monday, Insya Allah, then maybe we’ll drive down to Agra and Jaipur. I don’t know whether I’ll be able to report anything else by then, but I know by Friday next week, I’ll have a huge story! ha ha Meanwhile, feast your eyes on this link of pictures I’ve uploaded via Facebook :

And to all, thanks for your kind wishes. Your prayers are with me always. Love!


5 thoughts on “reporting from Mumbai…LIVE

  1. Can’t wait to read up on your latest adventure, Aniq. I guess, wherever we are, reality looms over us. I think we have always been spoonfed by Bollywood of the images of the glitters and glamourous life of the rich and famous.
    Well, you take care and have a grrreat journey.

  2. Hi Qahina,

    You definitely wear sari better than me. The color looks so lovely on you. Ala-ala Elizabeth Hurley…

    Keep warm and enjoy the rest of the holiday there. Also, don’t forget to fall in love once again with your DH at Taj Mahal… 😉

  3. I have not been to Mumbai but to 3 other cities in India and I must say that it was an excellent trip. Enjoyed the myriad splendour and contrast of India.

    I bought a bagload of clothes bag.. and think that you are well beyond that. hehe.

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