Instant Bombay Briyani Rice

briyaniOn a brilliant Saturday afternoon (why brilliant? Because it’s the start of my holiday!:) ) I made briyani rice for lunch. This is a delicious shortcut way to eating homemade Briyani Rice – I got this “instant” mix at Taman Tun’s market retailed at RM13 per box. All you need to do is add the meat, tomatoes, potatoes, sliced onions and garlic paste, plus tairee (Indian yogurt – you can make your own by adding a small bowl of wholemilk and limejuice and leave it for a day in the fridge) and make sure the rice is properly drained half way through cooking. Instructions are available at the back of the box so follow it dilligently. Coupled with dhal and acar, this meal is excellent. 🙂briyani2


3 thoughts on “Instant Bombay Briyani Rice

  1. here comes domestic goddess qahina! move over martha stewart! love the way the rice looked. may Allah bless your hands & surely hubby loves ya! that’s the way girl!

  2. Mille grazie mia amica, I am truly honoured by the title domestic goddess! It sets me rolling on the floor with thunderous laughter because never in a million days would I think so, but since you have claimed such, I will embraced your future presence with a dish muchas fantastico it will make you cry with a finger-licking good sensation! LOL
    Thank you. By the way, the photo was a decor lent by Google search. The result was still the same though, but it was devoured voraciously by my beloveds that it was impossible to snap a photo of it.

    Miss Nakatsu, I promise you I will cook for you come this Raya haji when you’re here. 🙂

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