masak lemak daging salai


daging salai INSTANT!

daging salai INSTANT!

This had been my favorite Padang dish (is it Padang? Or whole of Indonesia? :)) and I could only get it when I eat at Sari Ratu or Selera Negori restaurants. When I went marketing this morning, I came across some daging salai at the veggies department and decided to try it out on my own. I followed the suggested recipe but of course, with a twist. Whenever I cook meat, I tend to add halia (ginger) and beef stock, and I amp up the cili padi factor (about 15 instead of 10 chilllies) coz I like pedas! And instead of belimbing buloh I replace with asam keping. So here it is:

And here is the result!

Qahina’s masak lemak daging salai! 🙂

I’m glad that it turned out well (in my opinion la..hubby cakap lagi sedap dari Selera Negori kira pass la tu!). At least now whenever I crave for the dish I can get the daging at the market rather than pay RM20 bucks for a plate of that.


5 thoughts on “masak lemak daging salai

  1. Hey… I didn’t know they sell pre-packed daging salai. Where can you get them? Boleh lah I beli and bring back to Dhaka. Senang hidup nanti…:)

    Btw, just love masak lemak cili padi, esp if the gravy is really spicy. Yummy!

  2. My colleagues and I were talking about how convenient the pre-packed daging salai was and apparently another friend could get it at a cheaper price but she had to go back hometown for that. I got mine from Pasar Taman Tun Dr Ismail which I go every Sunday to get my groceries and stuff – if you’re around you could check it out at this veggie/ulam stall (Malay lady). If you enlarge the pics you could even see the phone no where you can directly get the stuff – my friend even joked whether she could call and get like 1-2 packs but I’m sure they only send in bulk! ha ha…And I wasn’t sure how long it lasts – but you coudl always call and ask.
    Yes, I thank my mom for forcing me to cook masak lemak cili padi (itu saja pun yang terror..benda lain semua hampeh!) so now I can feed my family with the hot gravy!:)

  3. i bought 1kg of daging salai – original from pilah- and i still got a big chunk of it in my freezer. seems like i’m the only fan of masak lemak daging salai…

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